Evening Routine

For all of my exclamations that Melbourne makes me work harder, faster and think bigger (the energy created by constant fresh & new talent fuels my ambitions), I’m still a child of Taiwan who grew up with reading books, taking hot baths and drinking teas at night. All that said, my current neighbourhood has grown so much since I moved in a year ago. New restaurants, coffee shops, clubs and bars ⏤ the night glamour has finds its way through my apartment window, a lifestyle that I didn’t exactly sign up for. Of course, I didn’t move to Melbourne to live like an old lady, but sometimes a piece of quiet does help me think better. So, to take the matter to my own hands, I had to create a new evening routine. And they are…



On a non hectic work day, I get to be home by 6.30pm. I take my make up off, spray on some hydrating mist and start preparing for dinner. Could be a bowl of homemade minestrone soup without rice & pasta, miso soup (yes, as you can see, I love having soup at night), steamed veggies or if I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll have a poké bowl which is just 10 mins from my place

傍晚 六點半

一般來說,在不加班的情況下,六點半左右可以到家。卸了妝後,我會開始備晚餐,晚上的時候我喜歡喝湯,大部分是蔬菜湯,再不然就是自己煮日本旅遊帶回來的味增湯喝。懶得煮的時候呢,就會換上輕便、舒適的服裝,到離家不遠的輕食餐廳吃無負擔的 Poké Bowl。



If I didn’t go to yoga after work, I’d normally spend 40 minute to an hour at the gym. Nothing too crazy, just some cardio to get a good sweat.

晚上 八點半



10pm BATH

I grew up with a bathing habit. When I was a kid, my mum used to make me bath once a week for circulation, because I have really cold hands & feet naturally. And now I’m living away from my family, it’s still my favourite way to unwind and relax. My 12 years old self, would be watching TV and enjoying this rejuvenate moment, but now since I stare at the screen so much for work, I prefer to just listen to podcasts (current favourite: Offline by Alison Rice).

晚上 十點 沐浴時光

從小,因為天生手腳冰冷,吳小姐讓我養成了泡澡的習慣,每個禮拜都會規定要泡一次。而一直到現在,即便離開家裡自己在外面住,這個習慣始終保有著。每週花個十五到半小時泡泡熱水澡,是我最愛的放鬆儀式。唯一不同的是,從小時候的邊泡澡邊看電視,現在是一邊泡澡一邊聽 podcast,享受寵愛自己的專屬時光 (最近很喜歡的是 Offline by Alison Rice)。



I choose all the parts of my bath carefully, from the towels, body brush, hair scroungy, and the scent. Nothing says luxury more than mineral bath salts. To me, it’s just pure indulgence. And the NEOM Mineral Bath Salt is a perfect example.

Of course, the benefit of mineral bath salt is not just about feeling luxury, it’s also great for the body ⏤ improves hormone balance, circulation and eases muscle. The NEOM ones, in particular, are packed with 84 minerals that are essential for daily health. Also, since the brand is known for its beautiful scent (I know you guys have heard me babble about this for a million times, but that’s how much I love their stuff!), their unique blend helps with stress and better sleep too.

比起淋浴,對於泡澡我相對有更多的眉眉角角。從浴巾,入浴前的乾刷、盤頭髮用的髮圈,一直到香氛類的產品,我都有固定喜愛的品項。其中,浴鹽對我來說,更是個奢華的享受(個人不太愛泡泡浴,覺得浴鹽或精油成熟點,笑 )。然後,最近的新發現的浴鹽,就是來自愛牌 NEOM 的。

當然,除了心靈上了滿足,用浴鹽泡澡對健康也很有益。能夠增加身體血液的循環、賀爾蒙平衡與舒緩肌肉壓力等等。創辦人 Nicola 因為了解職業婦女在奔波於日常和職場間的壓力,溫水浴正是她個人喜愛的放鬆方式,進而研發出 NEOM 的兩款浴鹽(皇家奢華 & 舒緩恬睡)。共包含了84種礦物質,搭配嚴選的喜馬拉雅岩鹽,以及品牌擅長的精油療法,礦物浴鹽能有效提供我們所需的能量(鎂、鈣、鉀等),在徹底放鬆之餘也能增加身體與肌膚的養分,一舉兩得。



PERFECT NIGHT SLEEP multi mineral bath salt

My favourite Scent to Sleep collection from NEOM (I’ve share about it here & here). Along with 19 essential oils, including the famous sleep partner lavender, sweet basil & jasmine. In my experience, what the PERFECT NIGHT SLEEP BATH SALT does is to prepare you for a night of quality sleep. You can sleep for 12 hours and still wake up feeling tired, or get just about 7 hours amazing quality rest and wake up ready & fueled. And this, provides you the later, as the name suggests.

REAL LUXURY multi mineral bath salt

Both made from carefully chosen Himalayan salt. REAL LUXURY MULTI MINERAL BATH SALT is aimed for the exhausted body, not necessarily to help you sleep, but definitely for relaxation and regaining strength. Perfect for muscle aches. Me, for example, my arms & back are always so sore after a photoshoot, this is when I choose this over the previous one. I’d also recommend this for those who are always sitting in the office in front of the screen, I know how much your shoulder and neck hurts.


舒緩恬睡是 NEOM 最著名的系列之一,除了搭配19種的助眠精油(薰衣草、甜羅勒與茉莉等),幫助有睡眠困擾的人能更快進入深層、有品質的好眠。對於香氣頗要求的我,一直都是這系列的忠實粉絲。踏入浴缸後眼睛一閉,輕輕吸口氣,讓暢心的味道進入腦海,五感瞬間得到放鬆。這短短的十五到二十分,不管是身體還是心靈,都被舒緩恬睡浴鹽照顧的透徹服貼。(浴鹽也可以搭配先前分享的卸妝霜精油一起使用)


一拆開包裹就被粉色的喜馬拉雅鹽與薔薇石英吸引了目光 ⏤ 「太美了吧」。皇家奢華浴鹽真的光外表就深得我心(笑)若說前一款主攻助眠,這款則是偏向舒壓,與皮膚乾燥的情況。24種天然精油成分,讓它的保濕與滋潤效果更顯著了。我在經歷一整天的拍攝,肌肉特別酸痛的時後,就會拿出這美麗的粉色浴鹽犒賞一下自己。特別推薦給成天坐在電腦前壓力頗大的上班族,泡澡的時候用侵泡過浴鹽溫熱水的毛巾敷在肩頸上,配上浴缸中傳來的陣陣天然精油香氣,能得到更好的舒緩。



I’d like to read more in 2019, and so far, it’s going pretty well. I’m already 4 books through my list, and there were only 12 in total (one for each month, but I guess I’ll need to add more). I’m also trying to not use my phone as much in the evening by placing it far away from my bed ⏤ extremely life changing btw, you guys should really give this a go!

12AM - time for bed!

晚上 十一點


凌晨十二點 就寢。

there you have it, my evening routine that keeps me sane
how do you spend your evenings when you need to relax and unwind?
share it in the comments below, I’d love to know x



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