Milk Makeup Review

It’s FINALLY here! It feels like I have waited for my Milk Makeup order to arrive for 100000 years. Ever since I discovered Milk Makeup, I’ve been trying to find ways to get them in Australia. Sadly, Cult Beauty doesn’t ship them, Sephora AU doesn’t stock them either. So I had to go through the old fashion ⏤ “can you send this parcel to your house, and I will treat you dinner?”. Thanks, mate. I didn’t go all out and order every single thing (I was close if I’m honest, but my credit card bill stopped me), so I went for some base products along with a few that are highly recommend by…well, all of the YouTubers I follow. If you’re interested to see what I’m crazy and not so crazy about, keep scrolling! x

收到通知說到貨的時候我開心了一整天,已經好一陣子沒有如此期待收到彩妝包裹,上一次應該是半年前。大概是去年開始,MILK MAKEUP 就出現在許多社群平台上,很多長期關注的 YOUTUBER 也都陸陸續續開始介紹它們家的東西。但因為一直認為梳妝台的東西真的太多了,所以不停告訴自己「妳不需要、不要買」,而壓斷理智的最後一根稻草就是看到他們的底妝系列的實測視頻。自然的光澤與妝感,完全就是寫著我的名字啊(笑)不過,他們家的產品對於不住在美國與英國的人還真不是想買就買得到。許多我習慣網購的彩妝平台都不寄送澳洲,不然就是沒有美國的信用卡不能刷(淚)。最後,我嘗試了人生第一次的網路代購 BUY AND SHIP (不是合作文唷,完全是個人經驗),再請要來訪的人幫忙帶過來。歷經了三個城市,終於我的 MILK MAKEUP 安全抵達我在澳洲的小窩(笑)而這陣子使用下來,也歸納出了一些喜歡與不喜歡的東西,決定今天來與你們分享。


What I’m crazy about

The product that got me into this Milk Makeup obsession is definitely the Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30. For those of you who love Glossier Skin Tint, I believe this is something you will enjoy too. Similar texture, with just a little bit more coverage. It’s dewy, fresh and glowy — the glass skin finish (in a more natural way). I have pretty dry skin, and this sits on my skin quite well, no dry patch grabbing situation happening if that’s your concern too.

The next product I really enjoyed is the Kush Lip Glaze. Like all the other Milk Makeup products, the Lip Glaze is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. With jojoba oil and olive oil, it softens your lips while moisturising your lips. The texture is quite unique too, somewhere between a gel and a liquid, but not tacky at all. Designed to be used as an overnight lip mask, but I also love using it during the day whenever I feel like my lips needed some extra love.

To me, what Milk Makeup really stand out is in there stick complexion products. I didn’t try their famous lip + cheek tube, because I’m not a big blush person. However, I did pick up the Matte Bronzer (in Bake), which is equally loved in the online world, if not more. It blends seamlessly and stays all day. I know it’s named as a matte product, but I do feel like it comes with a natural glow. Which serves both the purpose of contouring & bronzing. I’d say if you’re only looking to try one product from Mil, this will be it.

第一款愛用品就是就是把我推入火坑的 SUNSHINE SKINT SPF 30 粉底液。官網上的敘述是輕度遮瑕,但我自己用起來覺得可以算是中度,堆疊到高度也沒問題,並不會顯得厚重。如果大家喜歡 GLOSSIER 的底妝,相信也會跟我一樣對這款愛不釋手。類似的質地,流動性很高也非常貼合皮膚(我是乾肌),光澤很自然,不是很囂張那種,但看起來就是睡眠充足,有點像韓國之前流行的玻璃感妝效。值得一提的是,它是按壓式的滾珠設計,我自己覺得滿好用也很新鮮,但網路上很多人不喜歡,大家可以納入考量。

接著,就是他們的護唇產品。比較長期關注我的人就知道我是名副其實的「護唇控」,每嘗試一個新品牌,都一定會入手他們的護唇系列來試試。MILK 的護唇產品有兩個,一個是唇膏式的,再來就是照片中的擠壓款的。因為網路上前者的評價偏低,所以我選購的時候就跳過了。KUSH LIP GLAZE 非常滋潤,雖然說主要是拿來適合晚上厚敷的,白天也會帶在隨身的包包裡,味道是很清新的薄荷味,挺好吸收,不粘膩。另外,有位朋友說她會上完唇彩後再擦,增加光澤效果頗不錯。

其實整個品牌最讓我驚豔的是他們的頰彩系列,很多人推薦腮紅棒,但因為我不太愛腮紅(本身很容易臉紅,所以有時候實在不想再用腮紅強調),所以並沒有下訂,倒是嘗試了受歡迎程度相似的 MATTE BRONZER STICK(Bake)。冷暖適中的淺咖啡色,除了當古銅棒外,拿來修容也挺合適,我拿的是最淺色,健康膚色的人建議拿深一號。很好推開,有些膏狀的修容或古銅餅都要動作很迅速,因為他們一下就在臉頰乾掉,但款完全不會。慢慢推,不用緊張(笑)。雖然商品名稱強調霧面,但我自己覺得他是有帶點光感的,其實這樣反而更自然。欸對,聽到「自然」兩個字,就知道又是我的愛用品啦。


What I’m not so crazy about

Of course, not every product is meant for everyone. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by the overall standard of Milk Makeup and quite satisfied with most of my purchases. But there are a few things I’m just not so crazy about — meaning I have other stuff in my own collection I would instead use. The first thing I’m on the fence is about is the Flex Concealer. Shocking! I know, since every review I’ve read since to rave about it. It’s not bad, it covers, and it stays, but every time I use it, I instantly feel like I should have stuck with my other concealers. I personally prefer a more brightening & glowy concealer, perhaps that’s the reason.

The other thing I’m not so crazy about is the Kush Fibre Brow Gel. Again, it’s not terrible, but it’s just not favourite. One of those products if someone asks “what do you recommend in Milk Makeup?'“, I definitely wouldn’t go right off the bat and say “the brow gel!”. The colour? Fab. The brush? Ok. The holding power? Not up on my alley. All that said, I’ve been known to be really picky when it comes to my brow products, so far the only one that I have been repurchasing all the time is the Hourglass Fibre Brow Gel. Not even then Glossier Brow Gel made it to my list (shocking, again I know!)

當然,有讓人驚喜的產品,相對就有沒那麼喜歡的。不過在這裡的不喜歡不是指難用到不行,只是單純在這個品牌它不是我的首選,或是同樣品項我自己有在其它品牌有更愛的,一切表現中規中矩。第一個讓我覺得普通的產品就是 FLEX CONCEALER 遮瑕膏,我也很驚訝,畢竟網路上一面倒的好評。遮瑕度不錯,持久度也還行,但保濕能力就比較弱,如果當天眼下膚況不太好就會顯細乾紋。加上我個人喜歡提亮型的遮瑕多些,所以就比較不對胃。

另一個讓我比較無感的就是他們的 FIBRE BROW GEL 染眉膏(欸對,又是一個熱門商品)。自己都不太清楚到底是喜歡還是不喜歡這項產品。簡單來說,如果有人問我「推薦 MILK MAKEUP 的哪些產品?」,它肯定不會在名單中。顏色 OK,刷毛 OK ,持久度差強人意。就是那種中午畫完妝,下午過後照照鏡子會發現自己眉毛塌了。但我自己對於眉毛的要求本來就非常著重在持久,遺傳了楊先生的大濃眉,所以除了修眉毛長度和外匡以外是完全不畫眉也不動眉型的,我的追求就是找到一支好的染眉膏讓眉毛整天站好(笑)。


Overall Thoughts

Overall, I’m pretty into the brand. The Sunshine Skin Tint is still in my everyday makeup routine, so is the Matte Bronzer. The Lip Glaze is always in my purse. I’m even still giving the Flex Concealer some chances. It’s been nice to play with new makeup after my two months no-buy challenge. I love the clean aesthetic of their branding and packaging. They do have a few other bolder choices, which is not typically products I would go for. In my opinion, Milk Makeup is like a delicate balance between Glossier & Glossier Play! I’m also keen on trying their eyeshadow, perhaps I’ll give it a go when I visit my sister in New York. I hope they will ship to Australia SOON (fingers - crossed)! Have you guys tried anything from Milk? Let me know your thought, what are some of your favourite? x

不得不說,MILK MAKEUP 整體的質感都很在線。不只說產品,連包裝都很難讓人不喜歡,極簡的字樣與貼心的包裝,從化妝包裡拿出來就心情就很好。創辦人 Dianna Ruth 曾在一場訪談中表示 — 「現代的女性通常都很忙碌,需要的是一系列在任何場合或是趕往下個行程的路上都能快速補妝和上裝的產品」。當然別看包裝簡簡單單的,他們也是有許多彩度偏高的眼影、頰彩與唇彩等等,不是全部都是「自然看不出來」係,這純屬個人偏好(笑)下次有機會到美國走跳,還真的想入手眼影試試,聽說顯色度很高,也不會積陷,但因為眼妝不太熟悉我比較不敢網購,還是得親自到櫃上試色看看。哎,希望他們可以趕緊在澳洲的SEPHORA上市。大家知道 MILK MAKEUP 這個品牌嗎?有試過或是什麼感興趣的商品嗎?歡迎在底下留言讓我知道唷。