It's Time For a home spa

For the 4th time, 10/10 Hope challenged me to create a story for their iconic brands. You might remember me reviewing their skincare line a few months ago, and this time I'm back with something different -- the body collection.

When I think of skincare & beauty, I think of how precious it is nowadays to take time for ourselves. It doesn't matter if you're a studying, working, or juggling between both, stepping back from your busy schedules can be harder than we'd like to admit. With all the distraction from technology & social networking, it can be hard to focus on ourselves. However, in my opinion, enjoying some time alone is one of the most important things in life. Every now and then, I spend a good evening with a home spa routine. It may not be as fancy as the ones in a hotel, but it sure does the job right. Especially now I have Neom & Elemental Herbology in my collection.

第四度與 10/10 Hope 合作,一直以來都喜愛他們的精神與堅持,更愛那一流的選牌品味,總是逛得格外放心。今天,要分享的是先前介紹過的英國品牌 Neom 與 Elemental Herbology,不過有別以往常見的護膚心得,這次決定與大家聊聊關身體的滋養與保護。

之所以熱衷於保養之道,是因為我都將他們視為一種「寵愛自己」的儀式。不管在校園或是職場,有些時候我們都太專注於身邊的其他事物,加上社群媒體滂薄,資訊得取容易,專注與照顧自己的時間也就相對變得更少,也珍貴許多。自從離家之後,我逐漸養成了自己創造 Home Spa 的習慣,透過照顧肌膚的短暫時刻替自己打氣,一卸生活各方的壓力。過去和現在的能力、預算和使用的產品可能不同,但那份心從來不曾改變,簡直樂此不疲。久而久之,似乎也真的起了作用,膚況也都一直算穩定。在家裡保養或許不及飯店的專業療程,不過終究心滿意足,特別是現在又加入了幾項新產品。



My essentials for the perfect home Spa are obviously a relaxing bath oil, an exfoliator, and a good moisturiser. Starting from Neom's Great Day Body Scrub, which comes with more of mandarin smell. A complex blend yet with the purest oil and ingredients (one of the reasons I love this brand as well!). I personally prefer sugar-based body scrubs because they are much gentler comparing to salt, and plus they melt as you use it.

Neom Organics is quite the expert when it comes to scents & oil; leaving you with results more than skin improvement, but also mood lifting. Since to achieve the skin glow, we also have to feel good from the inside. So next, let me introduce their Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil. I just only started using bath oils last fall, but now they are a must! It brings your home spa to another a more luxury level.

一罐好的去角質、一瓶安定人心的沐浴油以及滋養保濕的身體乳液,是我的 Home spa 基本配備。從 Neom 的日安美好身體磨砂開始,味道走的是舒爽的柑橘風味,在去除角質和增加光澤的同時,還能提振精神。況且,就此類產品來說,自己一直都是偏好以糖為基底的。首先,糖比起鹽來溫和許多;再來,就是它遇熱較好融化,容易清洗,敏感肌膚用起來也合適。

Neom 向來都是芬香與保養油的專家,以純淨天然的成分,帶給我們身心靈的美好感受。品牌的皇家奢華沐浴油,是泡澡的良伴。在乾冷的歐洲夜晚,於放滿溫熱水的浴缸中倒入一個瓶蓋的份量並攪勻即可。二十分鐘過去,沈浸在清淡的薰衣草和茉莉花香中,的確安定人心。另外,假如沒有時間,也可以選擇在淋浴前塗抹全身,同樣是令人滿意的奢華享受。

Last but not least, the not-so-secret to the absolute silky skin. Your Moisturiser. Even though I'm all up for floral scents, when it comes to body care, I'm actually more into fruity smells. The Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser from Elemental Herbology is the perfect post-winter/pre-summer lotion. It is very light and non-greasy (For those living in drier countries like me, apply more layers). I love how nourishing this product made my skin feel every time. Plus, we never want to leave the house with dry and ashy legs & arms, right?

最後,就是沐浴過後的最後一道手續。泡完熱水澡,以毛巾拍乾水分,趁身體還溫熱抹上 Elemental Herbology 的喀拉哈里瓜保濕美體乳,手肘、膝蓋、腳後跟等等地方別忘了加強。這款乳液質地輕盈,卻有著十分顯著的保濕效果,在悶熱的台灣尤其適合(倘若和我一樣居住天氣較為乾冷的城市,建議量可以多使用些)。另外,成份中的喀拉哈里瓜油有熟緩與促進新陳代謝的作用,能夠幫助肌膚恢復彈性,這道三至五分鐘的手續,實在值得。

Creating a home spa is a ritual I've had for about 3 years. When I'm feeling stressed or extra uncertain, a good pampering session is the best way to ease the nerves. This may not necessarily be the key to a solution, but I sure feel ready and determined again after a luxurious & relaxing bath! x

每當遇到瓶頸或是洩氣的時候,就會選個空閒的週末晚上,來場 Home Spa,重拾自信。實際的問題當然不可能就此迎刃而解,不過這真的是個值得一試的提升戰力好方法,與你們分享。

in collaboration with 10/10 hope.
shot on Nikon DF with 35 mm lens.