Tips on Using Essential Oils


  If you've ever read my skincare posts, you know I absolutely love using oils. Oils are my favourite skincare remedy. Of course, like most of you, I was afraid using something so rich may cause acne and breakouts, yet through out the years, I realised with the right amount and ingredients, it actually does your skin wonders. They are not only the best moisturiser, but also gives you a dewy glow afterwards. As I've mentioned before, I have a soft spot for Australian products, so I'm sure you can imagine my happiness when I was approached to share a relatively new natural Aussie brand — Bondi Wash. All that said, I've decided to share a few tips on using essential oils, I hope you'll find it interesting. 在之前的文章中有提到,我特別鍾愛油類保養。他們不僅是最佳的滋潤保養,天然精油的香氣更是舒適宜人。當然,和許多人一樣,在一開始聽到的時候也害怕會對肌膚形成負擔,反而造成反效果。但在接觸幾年下來,發現只要選對產品跟抓好用量,除了好吸收外,肌膚也會呈現一股很自然的光澤。 值得一提的是,植物精油的用途很廣,目的也都不同;所以呢,這次透過來自澳洲的 Bondi Wash 來與你們分享四個我自己偏好的使用方式。  



I learned this from the girls of my go-to facial spa. Basically, all you have to do is add 3-5 drops of essential oil in to a bowl of warm water, and then face down for around 5 minuets. Remember to cover your head with a towel so you don't miss any of the steam. This is meant to open up your pores and boost metabolism. I do this once a week to clear out any build-up dirt I may have, which really helps to prevent breakouts. 相信有在定期做臉的人,一定對蒸臉不陌生。每個 Spa 在替客人進行臉部清潔後,幾乎都一定會進項此項程序。不過,在上一趟回台灣的時候,也另外學到了可以在家自己做簡易蒸臉的辦法。步驟很簡單,首先準備一盆溫熱水,滴入幾滴精油,用毛巾覆蓋頭部,接著臉部朝下吸收透過蒸氣散發出來的天然植物香。定期蒸臉,能夠促進行陳代謝,並同時清潔毛孔。 我大概一週會進行一次,這樣就算沒有時間做臉,也能進行深入清潔,膚況也會比較穩定。


There's nothing better than a good warm bath. I mean, why not treat yourselves every once in a while right? Scents are so important in creating a relaxing bath, and I love adding them through essential oils. Hot water with oils can ease both mental and physical symptoms (I'm talking about the annoying shoulder problem we all got from sitting in front of the laptop all day). Of course, different oils have different benefits, and this Buddhawood & Black Currant scent is perfect for releasing stress and skin pampering. 一週一次的泡澡時光,是每個週末最期待的活動之一,也是為忙碌的七天劃下美好的句點。 因為皮膚敏感,所以並不是所有入浴劑都能使用,天然的精油更因此成了最佳的選擇。大家都知道精油有放鬆的功效,但其實隨著味道與成分的不同,還會有各種進一步的功效,可以依個人需求做調整;好比這罐佛陀木與黑醋栗就是保養皮膚的首選(記得要與浴鹽或無添加的浴油做稀釋)。在熱水中稍微按一按肩膀,更能減輕因為長期坐在電腦前所造成的肌肉痠痛。


legs massage


It is is no secret that essential oils are great for massages. I personally like to whip it together with a unscented shea-butter to create a extra moisturising cream. I tend to get swollen legs after a long shoot, so at the end of the day, I massage to ease the muscle as well as revitalise the skin’s softness. Don't forget the best way to do it is to press your way from your ankle to your thighs. 不曉得你們有沒有水腫的問題?我只要當天有長一點的拍攝,晚上回家後都會很嚴重。因為這樣,除了保持運動注重飲食,保養更成了不能忽略的課題。無色無味的乳液滴入一點精油,便成了保濕度極高的身體霜;另外,薄荷與迷迭香的成分也是促進血液循環的好幫手。別忘了,要從腳根部開始,並順著小腿內側由下往上按壓至大腿根部喔。


I get super excited when skincare and wellness are combined, though I'm no professional when it comes to meditating. All I do is concentrate on my breath for 5-8 minutes while my Muji aroma diffuser is on. Basically, just add water with your preferred essential oil, and the tiny machine will produce a dry scented mist. I do this one or two times a week to envision my goals. Recommendation: Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary Essential Oil 說冥想可能太嚴肅了,基本上就是在短短的五到八分鐘內將注意力集中在自己的呼吸上。以前個性急,也坐不住,在接觸瑜伽後發現這樣的調息法有助於增加專注力與執行力。現在就算沒有定期去上瑜伽課,有時候早上也會利用精油與香氛噴霧器,靜下心來練習,並順勢想想自己的短期目標進行得如何。就讓我們清理好思緒,有精神地去面對接下來一天的挑戰吧。 推薦精油:雪梨薄荷與迷迭香

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