And finally, I'm back with my favourite beauty posts! I know I've been behind on the blog, but if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've been busy relocating, rebranding, and mostly in the process of launching my own photography agency, which will be happening in spring 2018! All that said, as this being my first beauty post on the new site, I've decided to do something a little different...sharing one of my personal beauty secrets.


This has been my fail-proof makeup routine of all times, every time when I use these particular products (especially the base & powders), I always have someone complimenting on my skin. Saying it looks so healthy and perfect. Though to be honest, I don't have that great skin, really! 




When I think of perfect skin, I don't necessarily think of something flawless, instead, I think of your skin being dewy, glowy and natural, despite having some minor blemish or even acne. The base products I swear by are these foundations from Makeup Forever & Ellis Faas. I use the Water Blend Foundation almost religiously during warmer seasons, and as for the Skin Veil from Ellis Faas, its a perfect winter/hydrating foundation, as well as a medium-full coverage product.  Both of them are extremely natural looking, coming with a nice healthy glow. As for concealer, the cashmere Burberry concealer is the only one I use. No matter how many other concealers I try, I always end up going back to this one! It's so moisturising, so easy to blend, great for those who have drier under eyes like me! 


一個人皮膚好不好,我個人並不覺得代表「無暇」,反而是有光澤看起來保水度很夠,哪怕有點痘痘跟泛紅都沒關席。說到最愛的底妝,粉底液的部分我最常用的是 Make Up Forever 的水粉霜和 Ellis Faas 裸膚柔紗粉底液。兩個都是裸妝、自然光澤型;Make Up Forever 我在夏天經常用,但由於我屬於乾性皮膚,所以到冬天就換成保濕比較強的 Ellis Faas(大家依自己的膚況或所在地進行條整)。後者的修飾和提亮度較高,但在台灣好像沒有賣,大家如果有機會在國外真的建議可以靠櫃試試看。至於遮瑕呢,我唯一有一直在回購的就是 Burberry 的淨彩遮瑕筆。不管試過多少不同品,都還是會默默回來用這支(笑)很保濕,有點提亮,不卡粉,氣墊型的刷頭相對更好推開,推薦給跟我一樣眼下偏乾的人。



The setting powder is where the magic happens, bringing your skin from looking good to great (well, at least what I believe..). I've had my fair share of trial and error when it comes to powder, and these two are once again, the ones I can never live without (or should I repeat the word "swear by"?). First, the Givenchy loose powder! I use this on my t-zone because these are the places I get slightly oily during warmer weathers. I use a brush to press the products on my skin. Then it's the Ambient Light Palette by Hourglass. I'm in love with this one, I use it on my cheeks, actually just anywhere but the forehead and nose. It gives you radiant and blurs some imperfection without making your face matte. 


這真的是出國必備系列!我覺得選對蜜粉會有提升妝感,所以挑對粉質真的很重要,我真心試過很多不多品牌、開價專櫃都是,而這兩個絕對是心頭好。首先紀梵希的四色蜜粉,這款我是用輕拍的方式上然後只上在 T 字部位,他對乾肌的控油效果是剛剛好的,不會有太乾的現象。接著是 Hourglass 三色蜜粉餅盤(在發現紀梵希前,她是頭號愛將),她很神奇,有隱形毛孔和讓膚況看起來更好的作用,只要用它,就算底妝不是剛剛那兩款,出門還是會收到稱讚(笑)Ambient Light Palette 是第一個系列,品牌後續出了很多不同組合跟限量款,但我還是最喜歡這個。



Now, this is where things started to get a bit fun. Bring out your favourite bronzer, highlight & blush! I personally prefer the Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder because it looks most natural on my skin tone. Then Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder is an absolute winner, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It gives your radiance as if it's glowing from your actual skin rather than the product. I've only got it a few months ago, and it has officially replaced my all other highlighters.I'm currently obsessed with this Tom Ford blush in inhibition, it looks a bit pinky in the photos, though in really life its more of a nude/coral colour. Last but not least, work in your eye area if you haven't, then you're all set! 


這部分大家就可以根據自己的喜好了。嬌蘭的修容餅台灣好像沒有進,我有一次摔裂了結果到處都找不到,選這款因為他最適合我的膚色,也是自然妝感型的,加上我自己下手真的很輕(笑)蘿拉蜜思的微整立體修容式(最淺色)也是推薦品,擁有它之後真的很少再拿別的打亮出來用了,光澤很美,亮片細緻,所以比起產品本身會覺得是自己的皮膚在發光。腮紅的部分我比較沒有特別固定用的,Tom Ford 的 inhibition 是最近剛入手。照片看起來很粉,但它本身其實比較是淺淺的珊瑚色。最後,眼妝畫好選個唇膏就完成啦!


There you go! My great skin cheat makeup routine! What do you guys think of this new Hero Product series?  Would you like to do more posts like this? Let me know, I'll try to make it happen...favourite cleansers, eye cream, face mists, lip products, brushes...anything really! I'm open to suggestions xx