I'm currently packing for PFW! I know, it seems like just yesterday that I got back from New York, and now I'm already counting down for another flight. It may be hard to imagine, but I use to get extremely anxious prior travelling, especially if it's work. As much as I love meeting talented people abroad and discovering new places, but the idea of a million things could go wrong just makes me super stressed. Not to mention the fact of leaving my house for so long! All that said, with experience, I finally have a system down for a stress-free trip! And I thought it will be nice to share my tips, keep scrolling! 



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1/ Have a packing list & Organise a carry-on suitcase | 列好清單,並準備手提行李箱

It might seem like an extra drag to prepare a carry-on suitcase when you can fit in everything in a big bag, but trust me, you don't want to lug a heavy purse when you're busy finding the gate or changing terminals, you'll shoulder will be thankful! And don't forget to write down a packing list, so you don't miss any necessities. 我每次出們都會忘記一個小東西,可能是充電器,大多數時候是牙刷。一直到這半年開始養成列清單的習慣,狀況才好轉,終於不用在很不好意思地跟旅館要牙刷了(笑)。另一個我覺得很重要的就是一定要有手提行李箱。雖然聽起來很麻煩,特別是當你可以把所有東西塞進一個大包裡的時候,但相信我,當需要轉機、換航廈,一個四輪手提行李真的能省掉很多體力,而且肩膀也會輕鬆許多。 [/one_third_last]  

2/ Bring your favourites scents |攜帶能應付各種場合的旅行小香氛


I like to carry a sense of familiarity when I'm on the go. And for some, it may be a favourite jacket, a blanket scarf, a piece of their most precious jewellery...and yet for me, it meant having my current favourite fragrance. In my opinion,  a spritz of a really good perfume is the perfect finishing touch. 再怎麼愛冒險的人,獨自在異國工作生活總會有想家的時候。而此時,除了通訊,最能解思念之情的便是那我們堅持要收進行囊的熟悉小物。對有些人來說,可能是條圍巾、是件外套,又或是手上意義非凡的飾品;然而,對我來說,最好的良藥是香氛。因為喜愛所以熟悉,讓我記得每天如此拼命走跳的原因。 [one_half padding="6px 6px 10px 0px"]  

▍The perfume library, a tribute to the materials themselves. 


Miller Harris came out with these little travel fragrance set a while ago, and they've been my favourite travel companion ever since. Known as the perfumer's library, along with their 20 years of experience, and the insistence on finding the freshest & rare selection of plants from all over the world, every aroma is your most luxury travel accessory. 大家還記得,前陣子介紹的東倫敦品牌 Miller Harris 嗎?這個月,他們推出了旅行香氛組,而身為長期搭飛機之人,這對我來說絕對是最好的消息。同樣對於原料的堅持,同樣走遍全世界找尋最稀有、最純真的味覺靈感。歷經二十年的經驗,香氛圖書館,是對原料最有誠意的致敬。每一個小瓶身,都是旅途中最奢華的良伴。就算四個全打包帶走,也不會佔上太多空間,這就是我喜歡旅行香氛的原因,可以多帶幾個因應各種場合(笑)   [/one_half] [one_half_last padding="6px 0px 10px 6px"] [/one_half_last]   [one_half padding="6px 6px 10px 0px"]

The fresh & fun 清新的、有趣的

If I had to choose one from this entire set, it would be Le Jasmin. I'm a big fan of jasmine, I love how fresh & elegant it makes me feel. In this particular one, seven hundred kg of Moroccan jasmine petals were used to extract the scent. The top note also includes lemon, which brought out a nice citrus smell. It's one of those perfect everyday fragrance. Another fun fragrance among the four is the La Feuille. It's one of the more fruity ones, with the smell of a gorgeous fruit plate, the notes include raspberry, black currant and fig. It's irresistible for a fruit lover like me, it literally gives me the best mood! 四款中最深得我心的就是茉莉 Le Jasmin。茉莉是我僅次玫瑰最愛的花種,它清新,清甜又很有氣質,是適合平日白天的味道。值得一提的是,品牌為了萃取出最純粹的精華,這款香氛是由七百多公斤的摩洛哥茉莉花瓣提煉出來的。也就是這份堅持,Miller Harris 的每個作品,都不會有令人畏懼的人工脂粉味,一切都很自然,很值得收藏。而另一個 La Feuille 同樣也適合白天,不過是截然不同的味覺體驗。它很甜,但絕不是死甜,是像水果拼盤令人心情大好的甜味。有覆盆子,無花果和黑醋栗。輕輕一壓,便無法抗拒,我這愛水果愛好者,嘴角已經忍不住上揚。   [/one_half] [one_half_last padding="6px 0px 10px 6px"]

the vivid & feminine 豐富的、有女人味的

Tuberosa is my special occasion scent! If I'm attending an event or going on a date night, I'll pull this one out for a boost of confidence. It's romantic, feminine, and a little exotic, reminding me the velvet touch of a luxury fabric. Last but not least, Le Cédre. Remember those days when you just landed and yet have to go straight to work? You're so exhausted to do anything, well, Le Cédreis the one to go for! The pepper note will spice things up. At first, it may be a little strong, but after a while it transfers to this nice and woody scent, giving you just enough excitement for the journey. 若是在旅途中有特殊場合需要參加,那麼 Tuberosa 絕對是首選,有著讓人提升自信的魔力。它是浪漫的、成熟但同時又有點異國風味。一聞,就不自覺想到高訂布料的絲絨觸感,約會的夜晚也很合適,是每個女孩梳妝台的必備品。接著是能夠振奮心情的Le Cédre ;出差的第一天總是特別難熬,剛下飛機特別疲勞、又有時差,有些時候還真提不起勁;這時候我就會在手腕噴上它。由胡椒作為前調,帶點獨特的微辣感,卻不會太刺激。對於含有胡椒調性的香水,我與大多數人一樣,都會有種覺得太強烈的既定印象,但其實不是每一款都這樣,好比 miller harris 的這個組合,在皮膚上久了反而會轉換成能愉悅人心的成穩木質調,工作起來更加得心應手。 [/one_half_last]  


3/ Scan the important documents and keep them on your phone | 把護照留在旅館行李箱吧,在手機存好重要文件

Seriously, the last thing you want is to lose your passport abroad, or any sorts of identification really. I normally have my scanned passport on my phone so I can lock it in the hotel safe. And when it comes to fashion week, if there's an electronic invite, I'll screenshot everything into one folder, so I won't have to go scroll through all my photos when I arrive the venue. 旅行最怕的就是遺失證件。然而,有些時候為了以防突發事故,我們總得攜帶點證明在身上。不過,比起攜帶整本,我都會在手機上存好重要文件的掃描檔案,這樣就能放心把護照簽證等等安穩的鎖在飯店的保險箱裡了!另外,時裝週的時期,如果有電子邀請函,我會把他們截圖然後全部歸在同一個資料夾,這樣就可以避免要在入口處翻找手機相簿的囧境。


And there you have it, my 3 tips for stress-free travel! I'm currently one day before I hop on the plane for Paris Fashion Week, follow me on Instagram (@ms.tiffanyyang) for real-time updates.  

好的,這就是我讓每趟旅行更順利的小方法,希望你們會覺得有趣。然後,如果想追蹤接下來的巴黎時裝周行程,可以到 Instagram (@ms.tiffanyyang) 看更即時的更新喔。

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