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Winter Outfits with Tobi

With winter still in full swing, I've collaborated with Tobi to bring you three of my favourite winter looks of the season. 

認真考慮過後,還是決定由自己掌鏡(這就是身為攝影師的私心與堅持吧,笑);邀請友人來當我的模特兒。透過這次和 Tobi 的小合作,呈現出心目中最愛的冬季穿搭!

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Attic Jewellery Review

Today, I am collaborating with Attic Accessories to share a few of my favourites from them. I've been a fan of their work for years, the style is classic, the quality is long-lasting, and best of all, it comes with a little hint of vintage. 

不曉得大家還記不記得,一年多前專訪台灣設計師品牌 ATTIC 小閣樓 的文章?一開始喜歡小閣樓,有很大一部分的原因是對於復古風格的著迷。喜歡那少見的模樣、令人滿意的品質。這次再度合作,特意挑選了幾件我喜愛的作品與你們分享。

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As I was half way through my Tokyo trip, I got a last minute invitation to experience an amazing Japanese beauty brand, uka. And I'm so happy I did! It was definitely one of the best nail treatments I've had. 

這趟來到東京,有幸得到體驗全方位沙龍 uka 的機會。有趣的是,此次合作非常臨時,幾乎是到離開前一天才拍板定案。不過,我倒認為這地利之便來得正是時候;一個多小時美甲服務也是我近期遇過最好的。一起來看看吧!

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For those of you who don't know about Toast living yet , it is a brand from Taiwan that creates stylish and minimal homeware collections. From teaware, coffee infuser, home fragrance to aroma diffuser and etc. And this time, with their amazing MU collection, I think I've finally found the best last minute Xmas gift. Below are a few of my favourites! 

或許你跟我一樣,最近才接觸 Toast Living 這個來自台灣的設計品牌。又或許,你早就為他們簡單、不失細膩的線條吸引。作品橫跨茶具、咖啡用具、家居芬香以及擴香。而這次,在看過他們的 MU 系列,我的聖誕禮物清單,有多了好多選項。一起來看看吧!

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