March Journal


March went by so damn fast, that I only realised a few days ago that it was the last week of March, and it’s time for a recap.




There were a lot of highs this month. I’m currently rebranding my logo. When it comes to logo design, I just can never seem to get it right, which is why I finally decided to ask for some professional help. I’ve been following Ann Chang on Instagram for a while. I love her work so much, especially how she plays with different fonts. My brief to her was - Feminine but not girly. Strong but not bold. And even though we are only in our first round of edits, I’m already so satisfied, I can see my visions coming true. Can’t show you guys anything yet, but stay tuned, because I know you’ll love it as much as I do. Earlier this month I attended the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival’s Identity Runway. It’s runway to support local designers here in Australia. The venue was amazing, the pieces are not something I would normally wear, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful (styled by my amazing friend Jenna Flood). Also, my collaborative article with Taiwanese tea shop Grassphere went live this month. The article included some of my favourites photos I’ve taken for the past few months, if you fancy a look, head over. Last but not least, this week marks my one month with We Work. I went for a dedicated desk membership, and despite the extra rent, I’m so happy with this decision. I work faster now, no more putting off deadlines, and my productivity is better than ever. More about his on a later post!

這個月值得開心的事還滿多的!首先,目前正在進行正式 logo 的設計。過去都是自己用 Adobe 軟體亂玩,一直達不到心裡想要的模樣,所以這次決定交給專業。在社群媒體上關注 Ann Chang 好一陣子了,很喜歡她的風格,特別是她對字體的運用。我給她的設計理念是 『Feminine but not girly. Strong but not old』雖然我們才經歷第一階段的討論與修改,老實說我內心已經十分滿意,能夠看到腦海中的畫面慢慢現形的感覺真好,期待與你們分享成果的那天(應該下個月就可以了)。另外,在三月初受到之前合作過的造型師的邀請,參與了這裏的 Fashion Festival。和官方 Melbourne Fashion Week 不同的是,為了要讓本地的設計師得到更多的關注,所以非產業的民眾也可以買票觀秀。Festival 期間,不單單只有墨爾本,來自澳洲各地的獨立設計師都會來參展,是個了解當地中小品牌的好機會。月中的時候發表了和小草作漢方茶的體驗分享,之所以特別提出來是因為這應該是我近期最滿意的產品攝影,加上這次的漢方茶真的是心頭好啊(笑)最後,來說說上個月提到的 We Work Co-Working Space,我最後選了『專用辦公桌』的會員方案。雖然說租金比一般會員多些,但不管是在效率或是執行力都進步非常多,回家後也不太會半夜還在趕稿,而且身邊的人也都是在接案或是年輕小型企業,所以大家常常會互相討論、幫忙甚至是合作,在我看來,是我今年(目前啦,也才過三個月)在工作上做的最正確的決定!到時候會跟大家分享一篇共租工作空間的心得,希望你們有興趣。


Empties & Old Favourites

In my Feb Journal, I mentioned I’m currently in a no-buy state for anything beauty related (more on the reason in a later section). As much as I love a minimal fresh look, my beauty collection is far from being minimal. The no-buy challenge, not only gives me a chance to use up my products, but also go through some old favourites. All that said, here are some honourable mentions:

上個月的日記中,和大家提到我最近在進行的 『Beauty No-Buy Challenge』。不是說完全不能買,只是訂了點規矩。彩妝的部分,一個品項見底了才能買下一個;保養則是想先把手邊囤貨的用完。除了希望能改善櫃子堆積如山的景象,再來就是希望自己交出錢包錢可以先想一下。這兩個月下來,出現了一些保養空瓶跟彩妝就舊愛,一起來看看吧。



1 Korres Tooth Paste - I love the idea of a natural whitening tooth paste. The scent is so beautiful that its almost obsessive, and believe it or not, it actually whitens! 2 Omorovicza Omoroessence - My 3rd empty bottle! Sadly, I’ll have to finish my other essence before buying a new one. It’s lightweight, extremely moisturising, and calming for my sensitive skin. 3 Omorovicza Lip Balm - Another beautiful product from the Hungarian brand. I apply a thick layer before at night before bed, and always wake up with the softest lip. Not sticky, not heavy, just pure moisture. 4 Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist - This is an expensive mist to love, so if you don’t have $87 to spend, don’t even test it. It’s so beautiful, leaves a fresh dewy finish. 5 Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo - My workout bag essential. And honestly just any day when I’m too lazy to wash my hair. Oops.

1 Korres 牙膏 - 先前都是用日本藥妝的牙膏,但因為之前囤的用完了,所以臨時在這裡買。來自希臘的品牌,一切都是純天然,而且帶點美白的作用,絕對會回購。2 Omorovicza 肌源活泉精萃 - 已經用完第三瓶了,可惜因為 No Buy Challenge 要先把手邊別的精華用完才可以再買(淚)除了舒緩跟保濕外,也能讓後續的保養吸收得更完整,膚質因為它穩定許多。3 Omorovicza 完美修護潤唇膏 - 又是一個來自匈牙利活泉品牌的好產品。老實說,已經好一陣子沒有把護唇膏用到見底了。不粘膩、又滋潤,不管是睡前還是妝前唇部打底都很適合,這次空瓶系列中的私心最愛。4 Chanel 山茶花保濕精華噴霧 - 很喜歡它的味道,保濕與定妝效果的很好(我是乾肌),是一款任何方面表現非常好的噴霧,可惜就是價錢太不親民。5 Kevin Murphy 乾洗髮 - 來自澳洲品牌。自從把護髮產品都會成無矽靈、起泡劑與仿腐劑之後,一直找不到好的噴霧型產品(定型液與乾洗髮等等) 。Kevin Murphy 是目前用過最好的,效果不錯,味道也好聞,與你們分享。



1 Giorgio Armani UV Master Primer - The best part of this challenge is I get to revisit some amazing products. This primer leaves a nice glow to the skin, sometimes I’ll just wear this alone. 2 Dior Backstage Face and Body - Okay, let me be honest, I bought this because of Meghan Markle. I love the skin-like, natural matte finish (less glowy comparing to my other foundations, but I can always add some highlighter). No irritations, no breakouts, and it stays. Why did I stop using it at the first place? 3 Glossier Stretch Concealer - my sister to get me some glossier products because they don’t ship to Australia. The concealer is my favourite of them all. Dewy and creamy, a.k.a dry skin friendly. 4 Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish - A hype product that actually lives up to the hype (plus, never knew hitting pan feels so good!). 5 It Cosmetic #7 brush - so soft, great for a sheer airbrush look. Not necessary, but a good choice if you want a new foundation brush.

1 Giorgio Armani 高效防護妝前乳 - 去年底本來要去買粉氣墊,結果反而帶了這條回家。手邊的是帶粉色的潤色版,除了防曬之外還能提亮,不想化妝的時候,就會單擦這條就出門了。2 DIOR 專業後台水粉底 - 當初完全是被梅根推入坑,喜歡它的微霧光澤,非常自然,薄薄一層就很夠(乾肌記得要做好妝前保濕)。3 Glossier 遮瑕膏 - 很滋潤,不會卡紋,價錢也非常可接受。去年聖誕節楊小妹從紐約幫我帶來的 Glossier 產品中,最喜歡它。4 Charlotte Tillbury 蜜粉餅 - 人生第一次把粉餅用到見底!有修飾的效果,但還是很自然,不會太厚重(因為不太出油所以我都只上T字),應該是目前用過最好用的蜜粉餅。 5 IT Cosmetics #7 粉底刷 - 原先只是旅遊用的,但這個月我平常也在拿來上妝。毛很軟,長度剛好也不會有刷痕。沒有到必備,但如果正好要換粉底刷,可以考慮這支。


New in & review

While I've been restricting myself pretty well on the beauty area, I did splurge myself with a couple of new jewellery pieces. These delicate pieces by Sarah & Sebastian have officially become part of my everyday essentials. It was the only brand I’ve been wearing for the past months. It’s great for layering, and compliments guaranteed.

好的,雖然在美妝與保養的部分很節制,但這個月還是入手了些飾品。Sarah & Sebastain 是來自雪梨的品牌,恰好是我喜歡的極簡風格。簡約的線條非常修飾手指長度,搭配性也非常高。他們除了婚戒等高單價的系列,也有不少流行性高些或是可以日常配戴的設計。另外,官網的部分個人覺得做得非常好,是我少數敢在沒看過實品的情況下購買的飾品品牌。


What I read

Finished Bird Box in three days. The writing is amazing, and it sucks you in the story that you’ll want to pause everything just to read this. The second book I read is An Edited Life by Anna Newton. Okay, the only reason I started this no-buy challenge is because I watched her makeup declutter video. She gave me a whole new perspective of organisation, and how a streamlined lifestyle can literally change your…well, life. I’m still doing some research on the whole capsule wardrobe thing, I’ll let you guys know if I decided to dive in. The Proposal, not my normal genre, but it is great if you need a little break from life. It’s funny and realistic. So Enjoyable.


Birdbox 絕對是這個月的第一名。三天就看完了,節奏很快,會讓人欲罷不能,吃早餐也在看,通勤也在看,睡前也是。我還沒看過電影,但聽說評價也不錯。推薦給喜歡恐怖或是末日類型故事的人。再來,我第二個看完就是 An Edited Life ,也是讓我看是瘋狂大整理家裡的罪魁禍首(笑)在 Youtube 上發現了 Anna Newton,花了幾天把她所有居家的影片看完,發現除了物品的規劃,生活上如果有好的規劃,整個人也會神清氣爽。最近也在研究膠囊衣櫥,雖然覺得我離這個目標還非常遙遠,但至少能先從自己的衣櫃下手,把不常穿(或是幾乎沒穿過)的捐出去或二手拍,只留下真正需要以及最愛的。最後是 The Proposal,是我幾乎不讀的類型,但因為朋友一直推薦,所以就借來看看。有點愛情喜劇的感覺,有時候還會真的笑出來,解壓或是想讀得輕鬆的內容的人可以看看。

The Lows

Everything is going great other than my fitness routine. I use to hit the gym three times every week, but this month I only went about 3 times in a month. I don’t know why I’m feeling a bit unmotivated in this area, perhaps I need to try something new, just to switch it up a bit. Any of you have recommendation for fun workouts? I’m thinking of trying reformer pilates. All that said, hope your March has been amazing, and wishing you all the best April ahead x


Teck Talk: Cameras

About a year ago, I made the jump to change my entire shooting system from Canon to Fujifilm. And for me, it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made in for my photography journey. I have been looking to simplify my shooting process for so long. To let me mind lead rather than getting wrapped up in the vortex of equipment. Of course, how good your photograph is, is not determined by how updated/expensive your camera is. All that said, despite me getting so many DMs about my gear, this is still just me saying the Fuji system works for me best and sharing my experience. And hope you guys find it somewhat useful!

很常收到大家私訊問拍照的問題,特別是關於使用的相機跟修圖軟體。約一年前,我把手邊 Canon 系統的相機、鏡頭等換成富士的,然後我真心覺得這是目前在攝影方面做過最好的決定。以前,我也會被型號啊、新舊機型跟鏡頭多少顆這些問題給搞得頭昏腦脹,讓攝影這件事變得很複雜,不過當我脫手大部分的器材後,發現我居然更愛享受拍照的過程了。一切從零開始,一台工作相機、一台旅遊相機,鏡頭也一顆而已,反而不再被比較心態綁架,專注的靠雙眼與快門來完成心中的影像。所以我想說的是,不是擁有最好的相機才能拍出最好的照片,一切都關於使用感受,而正好,富士是適合我的拍攝方式,特別得心應手。所以心得僅供參考唷,大家還是要做好功課才去買相機,知道嗎(笑)


Fuji X100f with 23MM F/2 fix lens

What I use it for:

Personal Travels, Most Social Media Content. Anything that needs accessibility and ease.

What I don’t use it for:

Work-related imagery & content


Honestly, if you want a camera that doesn’t need interchangeable lenses, small to take with you everywhere, or just a simple travel camera - look in to the x100 range. They have amazing image quality and for the price you’re are paying for - it’s 100% worth it! They preform well in low light too.


You can’t change lenses with this one, and 23mm can be too far for some circumstances. Personally, I’ve been shooting fix lens mostly for my entire life, so I’m quite use too moving around, but do bare this in mind.



工作與產品照,需要大量 focus 在細節的時候。


老實說,如果想找一款平常與旅遊都能用隨身的相機,我非常推薦去看看 x100 這個系列(記得要做功課!)。這台小相機的畫質真的非常好,大部分的情況下銳利度也都足夠。晚上拍攝也沒有太大問題。個人覺得這樣的價錢能有這樣的價錢真的太讓人滿意了(建議去日本比價)。


鏡頭不能換。我個人已經習慣不利用鏡頭拉近或拉遠,直接靠走動來抓自己想要的畫面。當然有時候,環境並不允許我們瘋狂走動,這時候 23mm 就會變得很不方便,這點需要考量。

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x-h1 in 56mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 in 56mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens

Fuji X-H1with 35mm F/1.4 lens

What I use it for:
Client shoots, Editorials, Products Shoots, Collaborative Blog Posts/Social Media Posts, Fashion Week, Prints etc.

What I don’t use it for:

When I’m out and about for a normal day shooting everyday life. Or when I’m not travelling for work.


After renting a Fujifilm for a month, I’m fully converted. I really didn’t want to go back to my large DSLR cameras. This one is in mid-frame, and it’s perfect for my size - creating perfect imagery without making your arms sore too much (they still sore till the end of the day, but not as much as my old Canon).


Though it’s considered small for most mid-frames but it can still get in the way. But like I said, I use this one for work, so I would obviously have my big backpack with me. Again, not as travel-friendly as the x100 ranges.








shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens / edited through lightroom

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens / edited through lightroom

Editing Software

On the Computer


I use photoshop for detail editing. Getting rid of finger prints, when there is a random pedestrian on my street shots anything that’s sort of bothering me in the image.


Perhaps my favourite part of editing. Experimenting on contrast/saturation/ exposure/crop/clarity/details and etc. To me, this is the software to really bring out your personal style, because everyone sees a raw image differently.

On the Phone


I normally only use photos taken by my phone for stories. A6 is my favourite filter, and perhaps the only filter I use. I like to bring it down so it doesn’t look to fake.


I only use it for the vintage grain effects I’m currently obsessed with.




細節的處裡一般來說都是在 Photoshop 完成。譬如產品上的指紋啦,或是一些有些突兀的路人,我都會用它。


Lightroom 應該是最愛的編修程式了,我喜歡透過色調、對比、曝光、細節強弱跟冷暖色等等來呼應應拍攝當下的感受以及突顯個人風格。畢竟,即便是同樣的角度,每個人所看到的與想要呈現的故事依舊不同。



我其實很少分享用手機拍出的照片,一般都是拿來錄影比較多。如果有的情況,都會用 VSCO 的 A6 濾鏡來做處理,不過我會把強度調低一點,才不濾鏡感這麼強。



shot on fujiflm x100f /edited through lightroom

shot on fujiflm x100f /edited through lightroom


Like I mentioned before, these are just what works for me in my situations. It is always good to google as much as you can before purchasing a camera (or anything in general). I probably watched 20 youtube videos, read countless blog reviews before I went on and RENT a Fujifilm X Series to try it out, this might sound surprising but I actually don’t own a lot lens, I rent most of them. Hope this post answers some of your questions. And if there is anything you’d like to know more about, feel free to comment below x

好咧,這就是我工作、旅遊和日常用的相機跟拍攝習慣。還是那句老話,請大家一定要多查資料、到店裡親自把玩試試手感再決定。像我自己,就是看了無數個 Youtube 影片、部落格文章與論壇才決定要去「租」一台來試試。其實,我覺得選相機就跟交朋友一樣,一台合適的相機,就像找到了相見恨晚的投機好友,能夠陪伴你創造更多精彩、過癮的回憶。希望這篇有回答到平常私訊中的疑問,有任何問題也歡迎留言討論唷,我們下次見。

*this isn’t a sponsored post, i’m just a Fujifilm camera/system lover




life lately

I'm writing to you guys in my new apartment (sort of ), at the eve of my 3rd month since I moved to Melbourne. I know this sounds a bit poetic, but nothing will really change. I will wake up, eat breakfast & reply emails for my freelance work, go to my other job, write, brainstorm shoots, plan shoots, and drink hot chocolate. Just as I have done for the past 3 months.

But we can start from all the thing that had happened since 3 months ago.




one. my photo series 首先,我的個人作品集 _

3 months ago, I arrived Melbourne with 2 big suitcases. I had the biggest plans, and the hope of everything will work out smoothly. It was one the most positive periods of my life. Until I realised how naive I was. I had only one client, but multiple bills to pay. I will be refreshing my emails every hour, and nothing will come up. That's when I found out what I was lacking - a local portfolio. I started reaching out to people, pitching brands & other creatives if they'd like to work together, that's how Dusk to Dawn happened. Now I have a brilliant team of girls (and boys!), that are so good at their craft, and I always refer back to them when I need to do a shoot.

今年三月,我充滿希望的拖著兩個大行李箱上了飛機。有著無數個計畫,卻也伴隨了記當頭棒喝。發現自己好像把以自由接案人的身份出國生活這件事想得太簡單了。剛開始的一個月,我只接到了一個客戶,身上卻壓著各種帳單和房租的壓力,覺得自己進的很少,出的卻非常多。每過一個小時都會來檢查信箱,像個失業人士般很急切地尋找浮木。後來,與同行的朋友吃了頓飯,才發現我最大的盲點。我缺少與當地產業有關的作品集,加上還是個菜鳥新人在圈子裡認識的人也不多,才顯得寸步難行。於是,我開始主動像造型師、化妝師、髮型師與小眾品牌聯絡,也造就了 Dusk to Dawn 這個作品的誕生。現在,我身邊有個我既欣賞又信任的小團隊,大家同樣對好的影像有堅持,同樣正在起步努力。而近期的接到的案子,只要廠商願意,我都會找他們進來,大家互相切磋、鼓勵。


This editorial will be published on an independent magazine from LA. I can't say much yet, but will definitely let you guys know when the issue is released later this August. I'm also currently just showcasing volume 1 of the shoot, 2 & 3 will be live really soon!

幸運的是 Dusk to Dawn 這個系列將會刊登在洛杉磯的一個獨立雜誌上,收到電郵的當下真的覺得很不可思議,沒想到能被跨海的另一方青睞。現在還不能透露太多,八月出刊的時候一定會跟大家分享的。另外,這個個系列共分成三個風格,目前露出的都是第一部分,二和三過陣子就會上線了,請期待。

two. survived through my new job 二,新的工作崗位 _

I started a new job  a while go. I have been freelancing my whole life, and despite all the creative projects, I still have zero experience when it comes to the business side. Being a freelancer means you're running your own business, which is why I wanted a marketing job at the first place. The funny thing about this position is that, I wasn't the kind of person they were originally looking for, they wanted someone with at least 3 years in the fashion marketing field. But I love the role so much and just asked anyway. I think my boss found it interesting so she interviewed me. I was honest right of the bat, telling her I know I'm far from what you're looking for, but I'm willing to learn, and listed out what I can bring in to the her business.

The first two weeks was hard, I will be sitting at the studio (it's a clothing brand I'm working in), figuring out all the backend and admin stuff till 12am. I know 2 months doesn't seem long at all, but when you were originally only meant to be there once a week, and now they ask you to be there 4 days (aka everyday, the studio doesn't run on a Friday). You're doing something right. My advice to those of you who wants to get recognized in the work field? Grin it, bear it, ask questions and put in 150%. It's tiring, but worth it.

從學生時期開始,就一直是 freelancer,除了第一份實習幾乎沒有在辦公室工作過。但時間久了,發現自己在行銷或是任何跟創作無關的經驗滿缺乏的,於是起了應徵另一份工作的念頭。三四月在澳洲並不是職缺的旺季,尋尋覓覓了一個多月,才在網路上看見有個我很喜歡的當地品牌要找行銷企劃人員,但我離他們理想的人選差距很大(要求有至少三年以上的時尚產業行銷經歷)。猶豫了幾天,還是決定投出了那份零行銷經驗的履歷,反正試試看嘛,頂多沒回應而已。況且,我是那種不嘗試就會一直想的人,這樣做其馬對得起自己。一週後收到通知,然後進行了我人生第一場「躍級面試」,因為這樣也失眠了很多天。後來從同事口中得知,老闆是覺得我敢這樣做很有趣,所以才決定找我聊聊。

老實說,剛開始滿挫折的,常常為了熟悉作業模式或趕進度待到晚上十二點才離開工作室,相比那時候瘋狂加班的模樣,現在真的順手多了。我知道一個半兩個月聽起來很短,不過當你在兩三週內從遠本的一週一天兼職晉升為一周四天的全職(工作室星期五不開的),那表示你的確是做對了什麼。在這兒送給所有跟我一樣還是時尚產業菜鳥的大家,如果想要自己的能力被發掘,再小的事都要投入150% ,記得多笑,然後有問題就問。很累沒錯,但會被看見的,相信我。


three. the current state of #houseroselane

If I'm honest, I'm not satisfied with my apartment yet. I'm waiting for a few decor piece & prints to arrive, and I'm also still looking for a coffee table I like. Some of you might have seen sneak peek of the place when I first moved in, which was a lot different then it looks right now, Anyways, I went for something a bit feminine this time, brought in a lot of warm colour and dusty pink. I'm loving the change of scene. It's nice, don't you think?

這我應該是我開始自己住後,佈置進度最慢的一次了。我還沒找到預算內滿意的小咖啡桌(其實也還在猶豫到底需不需要),還有一些畫還沒來,或是還沒掛。剛開始組裝傢俱的時候,有在 Instagram 上和大家分享過小公寓的樣貌,不過雖然說還沒完工,雛形已經出來了,所以還是和當初差滿多的。和以前不一樣的是,這次加入了很多暖色系的元素,木質傢俱、金色框架與粉色點綴是大致的方向。個人是覺得這改變挺好的,你們覺得呢?


I'm using the lounge area as a home office, living and dining room. I also have another room as my photo studio, filled with props, mood board, and lighting equipments, that's where most of the product flay-lays happen (let me know if guys like me to do a studio tour). There will be full post about the whole decorating process, so I'm not gonna spill too much about it today.


four. (re) learning a language

I've got an excited project happening in Tokyo later this year, so I suppose there's no better time to pick up where I left of with Japanese again. I had learn it a few years ago during one particular summer holiday, and that's probably it. I recently enrolled in a 3 months course, it's pretty intense, but it feels good to learn another language again.


five. beauty go-to

I am CRAZY about the Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I've heard so much about this product for years, but since I have sensitive skin, I was a bit hesitant. Until I got to try a sample for 2 weeks, and honestly I have never been so amazed by a serum. My redness was better, skin looks plumper, and even the dullness from late night sleeps were less obvious. Surprise surprise, I now own a full bottle.



and let's end it with make up..

In order of application, let's start with Armani Luminous Silk foundation. A medium coverage base but extremely natural. I'm light-handed when it comes to make up, so my finish is sheer and silky, but you can always build it up. Not cakey, and skin looks like skin. I've had struggles with setting powders for so long since my skin is pretty dry. For those of you with the similar problem, I would recommend trying the new Hour Glass Veil Setting Powder. It sets your make up without leaving a white cast, doesn't dry out, and even comes with a bit of glow. Speaking of glow, the Clinique uplighting Illuminating Powder is my current highlight go-to.

彩妝的部分,我們就照上妝順序來說吧。Armani 的輕透亮絲光粉底已經成功在梳妝台上蟬聯三週了(常用的化妝品會放在梳妝台,比較少用的就會另外收在櫃子裡,過陣子再進行交替),微微的光澤感很日常,雖然遮瑕力偏弱,自然的妝容適合跟我一樣喜歡「裸妝看不出來」系的人。接著是蜜粉的部分,基本上我以前是很少用的,頂多只在 T 字部位。因為我本身是乾肌,加上也不太喜歡過於霧面的感覺。所以,如果跟我一樣有相同困擾但又有定妝需求的人,可以試試 Hourglass 新出的這款蜜粉。不乾、不會改變底妝本身顏色,例外還有點光澤,不藏私推薦給大家。至於打亮的部分,近期的常用款是倩碧的 uplighting illuminating powder,輕拍在顴骨峰處,喜歡它不刻意的光感,營造出內斂的好氣色。這款在台灣的官網上目前找不到,大家可以靠櫃問問看唷。

So this is what happened and whats going on. I hope it's not too long to read, have a great week x


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shot on Fuji XH1 + 56mm lesn & 35mm lens