Pearls in Check

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the pieces Dover Street Market brings to their stores.


Aloha, We're back in action. My babble on the undying jewellery crush. 

Though, most of the time I don't actually remember to grab any jewellery on the way out to the door, for what should be a completion of my outfit. And I always find myself sitting in the classroom, distracted by my uncomfortably bared fingers. Am I the only one? I hope not. Despite myself being so forgetful, I have concluded yet another convincing theory: one can never have enough jewellery.




Meanwhile, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the pieces Dover Street Market brings to their stores. Given my recent liking on statement rings, this over 40 years label, Etienne Perret, has got it pretty on point. I imagine wearing just one of his creation would already be a killer highlight. 

As an undercover boy, I never imagined myself getting a pearl ring. But clearly, I'm a fan. I love the fact that it goes with almost any outfit. I've wore it with my usual baggy top and boots, a former blazer, and also the classic LBD. I have to say, this feminine piece has seriously got me impressed, every time I look down at my index finger, I smile like some kid looking at her favourite chocolate (I bet my classmates think I'm weird, but oh well). A worthy indulgent.  

在東京、北京、紐約和倫敦都有分店的 Dover Street Market時常引進許多大大小小獨特個性的品牌。每隔一段時間走進店裡,總是能發現不一樣的驚喜。最近的我,迷上在手上配戴一枚戒指,比起以前的偏好的堆疊風格顯得簡單許多。不過,這樣的簡單搭配有時候比反覆的混搭來得有效果,更利落大方。

這次在 Dover Street Market 挖掘到的是來自美國的 Etienne Perret。超過四十年的品牌歷史,擅長婚戒鑽戒等等的高級飾品,不過最近推出了偏年輕的 Ceramic Ring 系列。正式優雅的珍珠,經過巧思,轉變成了可以每日配戴的美麗配件。這樣的珍珠戒指不需要等到正式場合,搭配著平日的穿搭,也可以戴出質感,畫龍點睛。對我來說,比起只能久久拿出來戴的,這樣的飾品更值得投資。


"Oh god, I love your ring, where is it from?" "Thanks, it's Etienne Perret." Ah, I just love how this conversation sounds. Music to my ears. 

“你的戒指真美,是在個牌子的呀?” “謝謝,是 Etienne Perret的" 最近遇到這樣的情況,嘴角都會忍不住上揚。

Ciao. -Tiffany

Etienne Perret Black Dome Ceramic Ring (White Pearl) via Dover Street Market