Winter Outfits with Tobi


Every winter (aka my favourite season of all time), there's always a particular trend I love wearing in rotation. It was bomber jackets last year, and jumpers for the one before...and this time around, I have my radar on crew & turtle knecks. I just love how cozy & classic they make me feel. So, ladies and gents, with winter still in full swing here in Taiwan, I've collaborated withTobi to style my beautiful friend Katherine showing you three of my favourite winter looks of the season. Keep scrolling!

一年四季,最喜歡的就是冬天,可以穿皮衣、大衣、圍巾跟高領毛衣,太美好。認識我的人都知道,只要氣溫一開始低,我就會特別認真打扮(好比這週,實在冷到不行)。人還在澳洲的時候收到Tobi 的邀約,說希望以我的風格替他們的單品做搭配。接下案子後,幾乎天天都在想「我」到底是怎麼樣的一個人?除了得為大家挑選出自己平時真的會穿的衣服,再來就是怎麼在影像中把我的時尚觀點表達出來。認真考慮過後,還是決定由自己掌鏡(這就是身為攝影師的私心與堅持吧,笑);邀請友人來當我的模特兒,我來幫他做造型搭配。透過這次的小合作,呈現出心目中最愛的冬季穿搭。不太一樣的分享模式,希望你們喜歡,快來看看。


the dress

A good simple dress is perfect for colder seasons because this means I get to pull out my favourite over-the-knee boots! I had Katherine wearing this grey cardigan to give it a slightly more elegant touch. This tee dress from Tobi comes with a rather thin fabric, which made it really soft to wear, and also a great piece to layer with!


連身裙配膝上靴是我今年才開始嘗試的裝扮。這件灰色的裙裝料直很柔軟,不只穿起來很自在,若要進行層疊的穿搭法也不是問題。我讓 Katherine 套上我個人很愛的灰色開襟毛呢外套(網路上已經找不到了,但這裡有類似款),整體看起來特別氣質,也比較淑女;不過,如果你偏好個性風,哪麼來件皮衣也是很好的選擇。

the chunky knit


An oversized sweater is always a good idea! What I love about this chunky burgundy knit is that with it's distress and bell-sleeve details, you can look casual & stylish at the same time! For an easy day running around town, I'd throw on something like this with a pair of white sneakers. So chic and comfortable!

是今天最休閒的一套;寬大的毛衣好適合假日的放空時光,沒有重要行程的時候我都會把這件抓出來,配上最愛的牛仔褲跟時髦小白鞋,很剛好。雖然毛衣聽起來很基本,但 Tobi 這件卻多了微破損跟喇叭袖設計這兩個小細節,簡單但不無聊, 好有質感。


the button down skirt


A high waist skirt is so flattering for us Asian girls, it really elongates the body! I always put this as my closet must-haves! This one from Tobi is extremely comfy and the suade finishing gives the entire look a bit more visual interest. While wearing a button-down skirt, I'd like to keep my top simple, such as this grey turtle kneck, I love how they look together.


高腰裙是我冬天最愛的配件之一,冬天的衣櫥裡面絕對會有,A 字的剪裁不只能拉長比例,再搭上膝上靴更能替我們亞洲女生的嬌小身材加分。由於群子是麂皮布料已經增添了視覺效果,上半身我就會走比較簡約的路數,像是照片中灰色高領就是我今年冬天的傾心款,翻牌率超高啊(貼心地幫大家找好連結了快點這裡)!最後,只要披上大衣就可以出門了!

So there you go, my 3 favourite winter outfits! What do you guys think of this article? I've been wanting to work on editorials like this, but was never brave enough to do so, until now! I was extremely nervous before this shoot, because I've never had to style anyone all by myself. The fact it turned out to be one of my proudest work, is really rewarding. Let me know if you'd like me to do more post like this? I'd love to here your thoughts. x

好咧,大家這三套裡面最喜歡哪一套?一直想做這樣的拍攝很久了,但之前一直沒有勇氣。(笑)新的一年,新的開始,要好好把握每個機會!從造型、場地到掌鏡一手包辦,壓力大但也很有趣,結束後成就感也很大(感謝楊小妹當我的一日幫手與 Katherine 的挺力相助)。最後,想請你們到下方留言處聊聊對這樣的文章有什麼想法跟建議,很想知道呢!

In collaboration with Tobispecial thanks to chun-ting jewellery-

LOCATION:A LITTLE TASTE 有點品食photography,styling: ROSA PRODUCTIONSmodel: katherine yangassist: eugenia yang