I love planning, but I somehow always end up buying my Christmas presents really late. And by late, I actually mean it, like now, a few days before. Preparing gifts can sometimes be stressful, especially when you're trying to find something for a loved one. It could be a family member, the significant other or your best friends. You want it to look gorgeous, and you also want it to be something they will love and keep using. Since I'm so into design and lifestyle goods, I'll normally go for fashion accessories or delicate jewellery pieces. However, this year, I wanted to try something different. Equally beautiful, but just in a different category.

For those of you who don't know about Toast living yet , it is a brand from Taiwan that creates stylish and minimal homeware collections. From teaware, coffee infuser, home fragrance to aroma diffuser and etc. And this time, with their amazing MU collection, I think I've finally found the best last minute Xmas gift. Below are a few of my favourites!


或許你跟我一樣,最近才接觸 Toast Living 這個來自台灣的設計品牌。又或許,你早就為他們簡單、不失細膩的線條吸引。作品橫跨茶具、咖啡用具、家居芬香以及擴香。而這次,在看過他們的 MU 系列,我的聖誕禮物清單,有多了好多選項。一起來看看吧!


The MU collection comes in a sleek yet oriental style. In Chinese culture, round shape is likely to stand for good fortune (at least that's what my father use to say about my chubby face!), same goes for these sets. With their smooth form, the tea cups are much easier to hold. Also, it is probably one of the cutest oriental tea sets I've ever seen.

But really, I fell in love with this collection mainly because of its tree branch semblance. The pattern modes perfectly with its ceramic surface. I'm such a sucker for detailed designs and craftsmanship. Plus, since everything in the MU line is handmade, no two products are the same. When I first received them, I was nervous -- for something this delicate, they will be pretty heavy. And man, I was wrong! They are so light, even with tea in it. Which is perfect, because I'm constantly moving my tea pot and tea cup from one room to another.




Aside from the tea sets, the collection also comes with two different sizes of storage jars. I wish I can tell you how much I adore them. I love using it to store my favourite granola and matcha flavoured pocky. Trust me, even though everything now is about living a healthier lifestyle, a little bit of snack goes a long way. The best part is that anyone can use it. A guy or a girl, anyone with a food spirit would love this!



So hopefully this post will give you guys some gifting ideas. Let me know down below if you have any other creative ideas for Christmas. Have a great day, cheers. x


in collaboration with Toast Living shot on Nikon DF with 24-85mm lens.