digital detox


I wrote an article about Eve Lom last week, it made me realise how long has it been since my last post. I'm sitting here now and thinking about how it happened, why I needed time off. I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys :)

I took some time off from the online world for the past month. Stopped scrolling Instagram & Facebook all the time. Stopped watching stories every minute so I feel like I'm in the loop. I still posted on my own feed every now and then, but that was it. And perhaps my absence here also had something to do with my little digital detox.

Lately, I have been questioning my writing & photography a lot. I felt a lack of motivation & uninspired. Obsessing so much over my own feed and wanted everything to look perfect that I stopped enjoying the process of creating. I was thinking about what is bloggable or instagramable rather than what I loved. I find myself looking at others traveling, having the best body, shopping, eating etc, and as much as I enjoy those beautiful photos, I was also secretly comparing myself to them.

....So I switched off.

I started reading again, journaling and watching my favourite tv shows & movies ⏤  to reconnect to my old self. I wanted to remember why I started blogging, it was for passion, not business. It was because I loved words, because I loved imagery. my blog was my escape from real life, my outlet. I don't want to be that person with the perfect social media life (because there's no such thing). My goal is to inspire, even just a little bit. Sharing stuff I truly love & enjoy, not because I know it can get me more likes.

Yeah, a lot thinking have been going on recently, I hope it all makes sense. After a good month of healing and re-finding my purpose, I want to be more conscious about what I write, post and the message I send. Providing more creativity, ideas, things all of you can bring into your life. And I'm so excited for this new chapter. Hope you will enjoy it as I will, if not more.

All that said, I have a few projects coming up here in Melbourne, and some work & travel photography to do in Tokyo next month. So stay tuned for that. Lastly, sending you my love, and thank you for staying with me as always x

p.s here's some photos from my recent creative shoot with some amazing people I met...enjoy!

stylist: Jenna Floodhair: Teresa Pehmake up: Iain Jeffery


shot on Fujifilm xh-1 with 35mm lens _