Shooting With Cafe by Juicy Diary


Food photography for the newly launched Cafe by Juicy Diary. 


I never sort of shared any behind-the-scenes thoughts about my work, mainly because I had only started this blog as an escape from school assignments. For two years, I'd kept it separate, used this place as a distinguish between business and leisure. Then from a certain point, it slowly developed into something that more emails were addressed to 'Tiffany of The Looking Glass' than Tiffany Yang herself. I am still in shock. My point is when you put enough effort into your playtime, your play becomes work. And everything is now slightly trickier. To that, I often find myself lost in the world of social media. In which, my Instagram feed seems to have turned into a portfolio. 

A few months back in New York, I realised how my desire to keep moving on had clouded the true value of creative work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, perhaps more than anything. Quality versus quantity. The hardest thing about doing creative business in Asia -- most people on the receiving side are less willing to acknowledge the amount of real time that needs to be invested in getting real work and real result. Retouching itself is a whole lot more than just a person sitting in front of the laptop. Anyways, I have been avoiding work/life talks on the blog for so long. Now, after surviving the first year as a freelance photographer, I feel like its time. Cheers to all you photographers, bloggers, writers, filmmakers... dreamers.x 

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my shoot for Cafe by Juicy Diary. Any of you up for yummy and healthy food with the best coconut water in Taipei? This is the place to be.

今天的分享比較不同,是很純粹的工作心得分享。在國外,隨著部落客文化越來越專業,大多的筆者與攝影師都是兩個不一樣的人。不過,其實我本身,喜歡琢磨影像多於文字(這也是為什麼我自己很少出現在網站中原因)怎麼也沒想過,兩年後部落客會成為我的職業。大約一年前,陸陸續續開始收到純屬攝影的各種工作機會。棚內棚外,人像、空間又或是如同這組與 Cafe by Juicy Diary 合作的食物攝影。


好咧,有感而發就到這裡。終於星期五了,週末放鬆兩天,下禮拜一同努力。另外,這系列的照片是為了 Juicy Diary 新的 Cafe by Juicy Diary 拍攝的,喜歡營養輕食的朋友們,不仿去試試,我個人覺得他們有著全台灣我目前喝過最好喝的椰子水(笑)


Photography for Cafe by Juicy Diary.

Shot on Nikon DF with 24-70mm lens.