Copenhagen Diary

Even though I know that one day I will settle down, my mind will not.


Travelling and documenting my travels has always been a passion of mine. I journal, I take photos, making my life a never ending journey is something that I strive for. Discovering new cities, meeting new people, and eating unfamiliar dishes. Saying yes to adventures has led me to so many good decision and outcomes. You see, even though one day I will settle down, my mind will not. My weekend trip in Copenhagen has been one of the greatest trips I've had. Summer is slowly coming, and with the sun, it feels like Europe just couldn't get any more beautiful. 



Okay, so having photos and visuals taking over the Internet, Copenhagen is certainly a good choice for #travelphotography. You have everything, rivers, European street views, alleys with pretty plants, and more of course. But my first impression of this Danish capital wasn't what I saw, but the cheerful atmosphere we experienced. We encountered a few of the most friendly strangers I've met for the past 20 years. The city itself is just so happy and positive, definitely a way to get us visitors addicted. 

No trip is complete with some sort of brunch session. At least thats how it works between me and Cynthia. We never seem to book any hotel breakfast, because we like to see what the areas has too offer. And since oversleeping is kind of our thing, our breakfast plans always turns in to brunch reality (I'm sure you can relate). This time around its the Europa 1989. I had a full-on vegetarian brunch, which kept me full all the way to dinner.

在現在這個以圖像為主的時代,哥本哈根絕對是個好拍的地方。不過這次,再從飛機場前往旅館的路上,吸引我的並不是美麗的歐洲街景,反而是整個城市散發出來的氛圍 – 歡樂。是啊,丹麥一直都是被公認為世界上最快樂的國家,但輕身體驗過才知道,這樣正面的態度來自他們的步調、清閒的個性以及時常再陌生人臉上看見的友善笑容。比起美食與風景,我倒覺得這樣的感受更能吸引來自世界各地的遊客。

每次旅程來份豐盛的早午餐已經成了固定的行程。基本上,我現在訂旅館都選擇不包早餐的方案,除了能夠讓自己在周邊發覺不一樣的餐廳,同時也是因為我太常睡過早餐時間了(笑)這次選擇的是 Europa 1989 ,我選的是素食早午餐,口味不錯份量也夠。整段用餐時間,客人一組接著一組,可見在當地也是相當受歡迎的一家餐廳。


One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is the The Round Tower. Basically, you walk all the way to the top of the building (the stairs can get quite narrow when you're about to reach the top, so be careful) – and BOOM this is what the city has to offer. The wind is really strong up there, so I look like a crazy woman in most of my photos, but the view itself  is pretty amazing. 

這次到哥本哈根最愛的景點就是 The Round Tower,繞著建築往上走就能到頂樓看到整個市區的風景,很美麗。雖然哥本哈根的大樓不多,但房子和屋頂的顏色都算豐富,眺望著色彩的相互交錯,一切看來很平靜、與世無爭。循著上坡與階梯往頂往上走的時候,一路上還能通到不同的空間,看見不同的展示(如同下圖的教堂就是其中之一)。有些是畫廊、有些是古物的展間,當然也少不了讓人購物的禮品部(笑)


We did spend a fair amount time checking out the tourist spots. The Frederiks Kirke Church, the Gefion Fountain and of course, the famous little mermaid statue. I love every single one of them, and everywhere is basically in walking distance. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be the crowd, but since we visited the places during the weekend, I was ready for all the tourists. 

比起先前的旅行,這次走訪觀光景點的次數比較多。第一次來嘛,尊懷當地的歷史和背後故事也是種必要。所有的景點幾乎互相都能以步行的方式抵達 – 壯麗的教堂,可愛的彩色房屋又或是童趣的人魚雕像。因為是週末,加上天氣好,觀光客很多。於是,與其興致沖沖地前往合照,我選擇站在人群後方,靜靜地看。人魚雕像不大,青黑色的色彩和背後的水景及對岸相互應,這樣的景色也是要一定的距離才看到,絕對是不一樣的視覺收穫。


Not to mention the amazing Copenhagen design museum, we lost control of time so we only get to make a quick 20 mins visit. As sad as it sounds, it would be one of the reasons for me to revisit this place again. The truth is, visiting a place once will never be enough for me. There will always be new things to discover and I'll always be as curious as if I'm here for the first time. 



You've been following my journey for a while now (can you believe its been 1.5 years since I started TLG?!),  you know I've been to many cities, spent more or less time here and there. There is nothing else I love more than packing my suitcase, wondering around and getting lost a little. Sorry, if I'm being to sentimental, its been a while since travelled completely for leisure. And man, I miss it so much. x