Mr.C Beverly hills


There is a special place in my mind – located in the City of Angels, nicely tucked away on the Beverly Hills streets. A little white room lined with comfy leather couches and a beautiful terrace. Mr. C Beverly Hills was my home for the past week. My final destination every day, after all too many meals of burgers, burritos, and Brazilian Grills. 

Our room, like the California Spirit, airy, homey and very addictive. A harmony of calming colour palettes and vintage touches. Practically heaven after experiencing something as crazy as catching a 6 am flight from New York. This is my 4th trip to Los Angeles, and the previous one was about 2 years ago. I remember the food being good and the bright sun shining. But that's about it. What I'm trying to say is, this is my first LA hotel experience. There's always a friend or a relative around that I never had to worry about accommodation. And, man. I forgot how pleasant it is, to actually have the entire room to yourself. It's been a while, and it's lovely. 

仔細想想,今年真是頻繁外出的一年。放鬆也好,工作也好,對於每次可以搭上飛機品味不同城市的機會我都倍感珍惜。這次,趁著在美國的時間多,特別在空出幾天,搭著早班飛機,由東岸一路來到西岸。上網查了很多住宿資料,相互比較,發現自己對於有著義式度假風的 Mr. C 特別鍾情。

上次到洛杉磯是兩年前。近五年來,造訪這城市多回,今年卻是頭一次下榻旅館,也是第一次純粹以旅客的身份到處走跳。漸漸發現,洛杉磯之於我,仍舊是個充滿新鮮感的地方。這次安排到的房型是 Mr. C 本身著名的白色套房。房間是以復古風來陳設,皮質的沙發,仿行李箱的矮櫃,還有在私人陽台的竹簍座位,看似簡單的擺設卻能處處感受到經營者的細膩。往往,越簡單的,其實越是不簡單。我認為,一間令人嚮往的旅舍,除了要有精心的傢俱陳列,更重要的是空間規劃;要在不造成客人壓力的狀況下,將品牌的優點與特色放到最大。


As part of the Leading Hotel Group, Mr. C is now run by Cipriani family' 4th generation. The hotel had a feeling of a holiday institution. Pools with cabanas, spa treatments and socialising on the outdoor seating areas. My personal favourite area is the lobby lounge, it comes with a retro style – dark hardwood floors and glamours furniture in rich tones. In a way, the interior reminds me so much of Europe. The hotel's location is great, with the Rodeo drive in less than 10 minutes, and The Grove in 15. Perfect if your first-time traveller in LA. 

由來自義大利的 Cirpiani 第四代家族經營,創辦人 Ignazio & Maggio Cipriano 在一篇雜誌訪談上曾說過「我們家族的經營理念是:美麗的設計、現代的設施,以及個人化的服務。我們以自身的旅行經驗,結合對於不同住宿的期許,在 Mr. C 相互磨合而成。目標是提供旅客一場舒適且優雅的旅遊經驗。」回想著這四天的分秒,這兒的確有著令人著迷的歐式魅力。出了機場叫了車直往飯店,眼前即是與圍牆繁華的比佛利截然不同的景色,不由得揚起嘴角,真的好像來到了義大利呢!入口處有著美麗的花園相迎,推開大門,那一張張的不同色系的復古皮質沙發,都是在為沈穩的木色地板做點綴。不過,雖然是以歐洲作為靈感,整個空間還是能發現經營著對當地致意的各種巧思。匹如,大廳裡仿造片場道具的立燈,其實就是在與洛杉磯的影城文化相呼應。


As much as I've frequent this city this past 5 years (approx. 1 time/per year). I'm always fascinated by the idea of Los Angeles. I like the promise of palm trees, acai bowls and driving. I like day dreaming about the golden age and hoping to bump into Beyoncé in a shop or something. After all, the City of Angels is where the greatest pop culture begins. The fountain of dreams, and perhaps one of those cities that actually makes it happen. 

Till next time Los Angeles, you and your palm trees. Cheers.x


Mr. C 在大大小小的細節上都拿捏的純熟剛好,讓人極為喜愛。不藏私,真心推薦。


Check out Mr.C Beverly Hills for more info.// shot on Nikon Df with 50mm lens