Dubai Part II

I have wanted to do a Middle Eastern trip for awhile. And I finally did it. A holiday of eight days, with my best friend from Melbourne, based on a determined foodie spirit (we just happened to be incredibly full every single day). This trip was a real treat, I had the time of my life— in that sense, let me bring you to Dubai photo diary part two.



| Global Village |

The global village really lives up to its name. The whole place is surrounded by large buildings and dedicating each of them to one country or continent. Food, fabrics, perfumes, etc, we enjoyed an evening seeing so much from different places though we actually were just only in one. The best part of the Global Village is finding the best street snack — laqaimat. It is basically a mini Arabic doughnut with syrup and sesame. I tried them in the desert a few days back and fell straight in love. It is now officially one of my favourite pastries of all times. 

杜拜地球村,是每年為期三個月的展會與遊樂場。根據國家劃分成不同的區域,展出與販賣不同風格的小吃、香料、紀念品、布料甚至是香水等等。雖然價錢並不便宜,但就算什麼都不買,這樣走走看看,倒也過癮。值得一提的是,我在那裡嘗到了著名的中東街頭點心 laqaimat,口感很像迷你的炸甜甜圈,配上他們獨門的醬汁和白芝麻,味道尤其好;一口接著一個,不到十分鐘,我們同行三人已經將一盤吃完。

Add// Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, land - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


| Grand Mosque |

This historical site, is steaming with culture and history. The architecture was breathtaking and the patterns on the walls are even better. My friend told me every single flower is hand-drawn during the building process, and this particular Mosque is built for one of the country’s founders. I even decided to stop taking photos at some point because I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. That said, I’m glad I went, it was definitely something special to see a place so significant from another side of the world. In my opinion, don’t ever miss the Grand Mosque!



| The Last Exit |

There is always a new restaurant or cafe opening in Dubai. We drove pass so many new places, sadly we just never had the time to try them all. But in the places we did get to go, The Last Exit was my favorite. It was a creative enhance of drive-throughs and street food. Even though we had already known about the place on the first day, we actually found it by chance. My friends and I stopped for a break, eating street snacks (more of those Arabic mini doughnuts please!) and taking photos of the cute food trucks. 

杜拜天氣偏熱,陽光普照,戶外的商圈和餐廳很常見。另外,這座大城,幾乎每個禮拜都有新的地方在開幕,行前做了功課,可惜時間有限無法一一走訪。不過,幸運的是在由從阿布達比返回杜拜的路途中,我們經過了本以爲要錯過的 The Last Exit。一輛輛並排的可愛餐車,包含了各式各樣的料理,這兒成了可愛的美食市集。眼睛因為金黃的日光瞇著,在板凳上坐上半小時,配上手中的飲品點心,因車程帶來的疲憊也跟著消失,好是愜意。

Add// Sheik Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


|Jumeirah Beach Residence |

On our last full day in Dubai, we visited the Jumeirah Beach Residence. It was one of those spots where you can get everything done. Shops, cafes, restaurants, workout equipment, ice cream stands…name it, and you’ll find it. It is really popular among both locals and tourists, and I totally understand the hype. The environment is guaranteed, the atmosphere is cheery, I guess the only hardship is you have to share the place with loads of people. But mostly, I just loved walking under the sunlight and soaking up the beach senses. Ah, all good memories.

在離開杜拜前,朋友推薦我們到 Jumeirah Beach Residence 看看。沿著海邊,有著許多咖啡廳、餐廳與個性店面,聽朋友說,假如他這天有購物與聚會的需求,就會與人相約在此,因為所有東西都是步行就會到的距離,非常方便。這裡當地人與觀光客參半,人潮雖然稍微多了點,但不至於擁擠,氣氛也好。這天我們因為晚餐有訂位了,所以並沒有機會嘗試任何的咖啡或餐館,不過,三個小時的散步,一覽眼前的宜人景象,倒也過癮滿足。


| Culinary Boutique |

You all know I love my healthy dishes. So on the morning before I fly back to London, my friend took me to Culinary Boutique, where they produce not only fresh and light food but also delicious ones. Definitely order their Chia Seed & Granola Pudding, it was so yummy! Or if raw food isn't your thing, the French Brioche is worth trying as well.  

 搭上回程飛機的早上,我們來到 Culinary Boutique。城裡的人氣店之一,進門後充滿設計感的桌椅裝飾最張目,不過因為客人多就沒有進行拍攝了。他們的早午餐有許多健康的輕食選擇,如同這碗麥片奇亞籽布丁,裡面有水果、穀物和藜麥,口味清淡爽口,正合早起的胃口。如果不愛冷盤食物,也可以試試無花果法式吐司,一樣美味。

Add// Villa #56, Jumeira Beach Rd, Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


And that's a wrap for my Dubai trip! Until next time, Middle East. x


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shot on Nikon DF with 24-85mm lens