When I think of tea, I think of my father. I've got so much from him, his travel spirits, his stubbornness, and of course, his love for tea. I drink at least two cups of tea every day, all year round. Green tea for better skin, chamomile for a sleepless night, ginger tea for jet lag, and the list goes. Clearly, I'm in love. I start and end my day with it, especially during winter. 


This is indeed, an editorial partnership with Toast Living -- A well-known Taiwanese design brand that has been around for almost ten years. I love their neutral yet detailed products. And as a minimalist, their colour scheme just happened to fit my apartment perfectly. So today, with their Weaver tea collection, I thought it would be nice to share a few of my tea rituals with you. I hope you'll find it interesting. 

今天要與你們分享的是 Toast living,品牌在台灣、歐洲以及日韓都有著代理商。說起來有些汗顏,做了20多年的台灣人,一直到現在才知道這個成立將近十年的設計品牌。在決定合作前瀏覽著網頁,除了因為發現來自家鄉的好設計而感動,眼前簡單卻充滿細節的風格也立刻吸引了目光。極簡的線條中藏匿了許多小驚喜,我正好就是喜歡這樣。老實說,比起時尚單品,我更敢把錢花在居家用品上;總覺得,質感好些,就像是精心佈置的家一樣,可以陪我很久很久。這次,搭配著他們的茶具 Weaver tea collection,與你們聊聊我個人的喝茶小習慣。

Green Tea

I drink green tea every morning. They are rich in antioxidant which makes them perfect your skin and under eye circles. But I'll admit, I mostly just drink them because they remind me so much of home and my Asian background. To be honest, anything green tea and matcha-related is always top on my list. 


Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

Lemongrass and ginger is a great combination for calming an upset stomach or curing jet lags. I use to avoid Ginger tea because they can be quite strong; but as I get older, I'm starting to appreciate its taste and benefits. I switch usual green tea to lemongrass and ginger during my post-travel days -- to catch up on my sleep, of course. 


Christmas Tea

One of the things I love about the coming festive season is the beautiful Christmas tea choices. I personally prefer black spiced tea than others. This one from Kusmi tea comes with orange, vanilla, and almond, and this is also the brand's 150 years special blend. It is a pretty rich palette. I always make myself a big cup when I'm craving for something richer.

在歐洲,只要到了年底,許多品牌都會相繼推出不同的聖誕茶葉選擇。來自俄羅斯的 Kusmi tea 最近剛慶祝了品牌的150週年,而他們今年的節慶茶款也恰巧是我近期的新歡。以紅茶為基底的香料茶,包含了橙橘、香草與杏仁,濃厚的口感,是冬天少不了的好選擇。

Toast living by Tiffany Yang

Detox Tea

You might remember me talking about Detox tea a while ago, and yes, I'm still obsessed. Not only does it taste refreshing, but detox tea also has so many health benefits. I feel like they are the cure of teas. Different detox tea nourishes your body differently, depending on the herbs they contain. Most of them are good for your liver and digestive system since they are the keys for clearing toxins. 


I always get extremely envious when looking at any kinds of design. A pair of shoes, a piece of furniture, a nicely decorated cafe...even a book cover at Daunt Books. On the other hand, there is that sense of cheering like a family when you come across anything from home. The thrill of discovering something wonderful, and realise it is just by your door. That said, I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I found out about Toast Living and their beautiful weaver tea collection -- here, here&here

第一次接觸 Toast Living,內心對於設計的崇拜再度興起。時常,面對各行各業的創意,總是不由得有些羨慕,羨煞他們能將腦海中的天馬行空琢磨成形。品牌從台灣出發,在海外許多城市進展設點,來自同樣一片土地的我,欣賞之餘,更是多了些激動,相信你們也能理解。台灣的舞台或許不大,但我始終相信,我們的實力一點也不一般。如同照片中的 Weaver茶罐沖茶器,質感與外觀,在我看來都非常齊全。

in collaboration with Toast Living
shot on Nikon DF with 85mm lens.