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Winter Outfits with Tobi

With winter still in full swing, I've collaborated with Tobi to bring you three of my favourite winter looks of the season. 

認真考慮過後,還是決定由自己掌鏡(這就是身為攝影師的私心與堅持吧,笑);邀請友人來當我的模特兒。透過這次和 Tobi 的小合作,呈現出心目中最愛的冬季穿搭!

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Attic Jewellery Review

Today, I am collaborating with Attic Accessories to share a few of my favourites from them. I've been a fan of their work for years, the style is classic, the quality is long-lasting, and best of all, it comes with a little hint of vintage. 

不曉得大家還記不記得,一年多前專訪台灣設計師品牌 ATTIC 小閣樓 的文章?一開始喜歡小閣樓,有很大一部分的原因是對於復古風格的著迷。喜歡那少見的模樣、令人滿意的品質。這次再度合作,特意挑選了幾件我喜愛的作品與你們分享。

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Beara Beara

Founder of Beara Beara, designer, travel writer, and cyclist, Jake Bullough has many a string to his bow. I met him at Beara Beara’s headquarters, tucked away inside a lane just off the main stretch of Kings Cross station. The place itself gives a calm atmosphere, and the wooden shelves subtlety compliments the brand’s leather bags.

位於倫敦 Kingscross 附近的巷子,雖然離車站只有不到五分鐘的距離,卻和喧鬧的主要街道完全不同;眼前獨樹一格的英倫小店,有著藍灰色外牆,氣質安靜。而木頭地板和展示櫃,恰到好處襯托了品牌的復古風格,每件皮革都像在說一個故事般,特別有味道。品牌的創辦人 Jake Bullough 身材高瘦,穿著酒紅色的毛衣,以友善的笑容歡迎著我們。

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Pearls in Check

Though, most of the time I don't actually remember to grab any jewellery on the way out to the door, for what should be a completion of my outfit. And I always find myself sitting in the classroom, distracted by my uncomfortably bared fingers. Am I the only one? I hope not. Despite myself being so forgetful, I have concluded yet another convincing theory: one can never have enough jewellery.


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