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As I was half way through my Tokyo trip, I got a last minute invitation to experience an amazing Japanese beauty brand, uka. And I'm so happy I did! It was definitely one of the best nail treatments I've had. 

這趟來到東京,有幸得到體驗全方位沙龍 uka 的機會。有趣的是,此次合作非常臨時,幾乎是到離開前一天才拍板定案。不過,我倒認為這地利之便來得正是時候;一個多小時美甲服務也是我近期遇過最好的。一起來看看吧!

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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Despite the fact for not being around my family much, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so many role models throughout the years, and it was them who shaped who I've become and what I want out of life. And now looking back, I found a significant pattern when it comes to listing out these role models. I was solidly inspired by independent women. Those who were not afraid to raise opinions, and those who knew how to invest in themselves

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Be Your Own Stylish Woman

My mum is my mentor of pampering. I distinctly remember, as a kid, I used to sit on the high chair of beauty counters, witness how she finds the perfect product for herself.  She may not be the fanciest person the planet, but she definitely knows what suits her. My mum is her own stylish woman


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It's Time For a home spa

Creating a home spa is a ritual I've had for about 3 years. When I'm feeling stressed or extra uncertain, a good pampering session is the best way to ease the nerves. This may not necessarily be the key to a solution, but I sure feel ready and determined again after a luxurious & relaxing bath! x

每當遇到瓶頸或是洩氣的時候,就會選個空閒的週末晚上,來場 Home Spa,重拾自信。實際的問題當然不可能就此迎刃而解,不過這真的是個值得一試的提升戰力好方法,與你們分享。

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glad that we finally Meet, Bobbi Brown.

A self-proclaimed sucker for the easy way out. Bobbi Brown is a life hack I've been missing out since...forever. Of course, I've heard amazing things about the brand, but most of them sounded too good to be true. So I've stayed away...until now.

以一個二十多歲的女子來說,使用過的彩妝品實在不算多。不如保養那樣費心注意,一直以來都十分忠實,同樣的產品一再回購。梳妝台上的化妝品幾乎都來自同一品牌,很少更換。開始接觸彩妝算一算也有兩年多,卻是第一次自發性的在 Bobbi Brown 櫃前停下腳步。實在相見恨晚。


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Made in Melbourne: Grown Alchemist

I have a soft spot for anything made in Melbourne. This city is like my second home, I like how peaceful it is, yet there are always some tiny surprises to spice things up. And for this, I wholeheartedly believe, that perhaps one day, I will spend my retired life there. So to speak, this brings you to my current beauty obsession -- Grown Alchemist, straight from Melbourne. 

由於個人經歷,對於來自墨爾本的產品向來都有私心。十七歲剛到墨爾本時,覺得這城市看起來有些沈悶,不比台北來的熱鬧繁華;時間一久,發現她其實簡單但不無聊,雲淡風輕,值得細細品味。我近期在試用的 Grown Alchemist 給人的正是這種感覺,不疾不徐,淡甜不膩。

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