7 Things to do in New York


And boom, another New York trip arrived. Unplanned & unexpected. Seriously, time flies...if I'm honest. All that said, here's my list of 7 things to do in NYC! 

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Beauty On the Go


I feel like I'm always on the go (I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago, and currently just got back from New York, and in a week I'll be in Europe for Fashion Week!). I don't know about you guys, but when I'm travelling, the last thing I want is ending with loads of gigantic beauty bags that claims half of my suitcase space.

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Find Your Vintage Soul: Attic Accessories

不曉得大家還記不記得,一年多前專訪台灣設計師品牌 ATTIC 小閣樓 的文章?一開始喜歡小閣樓,有很大一部分的原因是對於復古風格的著迷。喜歡那少見的模樣、令人滿意的品質。這次再度合作,特意挑選了幾件我喜愛的作品與你們分享。

Today, I am collaborating with Attic Accessories to share a few of my favourites from them. I've been a fan of their work for years, the style is classic, the quality is long-lasting, and best of all, it comes with a little hint of vintage. 

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Stop & Visit uka. Really.

這趟來到東京,有幸得到體驗全方位沙龍 uka 的機會。有趣的是,此次合作非常臨時,幾乎是到離開前一天才拍板定案。不過,我倒認為這地利之便來得正是時候;一個多小時美甲服務也是我近期遇過最好的。一起來看看吧!

As I was half way through my Tokyo trip, I got a last minute invitation to experience an amazing Japanese beauty brand, uka. And I'm so happy I did! It was definitely one of the best nail treatments I've had. 

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A Guide: 10 things to do in London


So, here's a guide of 10 things to do in London as both a tourist and a venturer. 


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5 Favourites: French Beauty Finds


As many of you know, beauty & skincare is one of my biggest obsessions. And since French beauty is so popular, there's no way I'll skip discovering new products during my little Paris getaway.

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Getting Ready for Summer

「倫敦的陽光很珍貴」—  相信這句話大家一定聽過。下不下雨是其次,但萬里無雲的白天實在很少遇到。不過,幸運地的是,前兩週這邊天氣異常的好,是可以穿短袖與裙子的溫度,心情自然也因為夏天的提早報到跟感到舒暢。

For those of you living in London, or the UK in general, I'm sure you know how precious the sunlight is. And luckily, in this past week the weather has been amazing, I'm talking about wearing short sleeves or even dresses through the day.

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