Excited to finally publish the first post on my ‘Lifestyle’ section. It is a category all about HEALTH & WELL-BEING. Like many girls, I’ve struggled from weight control, I use to be this girl who will do anything to just chop down that never ending 2kgs, and barely ate anything. Yes, I did dropped down a couple of sizes, but I was not happy, depressed even. It was when I came across this book‘Move, Nourish, Believe.’  by Lorna Jane where I discovered not only the FUN of eating healthy, but also the BEAUTY of being truly healthy. Now though I’ve gained some weight back, but I felt happier and alive more than ever!

It took me a while to come around what to write about for my very first post on ‘The Looking Glass’. But I guess there’s no better subject as telling the stories and steps I’ve made that really changed my life.  To be conscious about your health is not simply about taking care of the body, it is also connected with paying attention on how you feel inside. And trust me,coming from personal experience, a healthy life will really lead to a beautiful life. Okay, so here I am today, sharing with you some health tips I have and love.

1. Self-Love

It is actually kind of ironic, because most of us tend to learn to love others first than to realise the importance to love ourself. This is not easy, the hard part is to understand and accept yourself enough to guarantee that you’re able to know the right time to put yourself on top of the list. It took me 22 years to finally to start pursuing self-love. And now, I make sure I am surrounded by positive vibes as much as I can. When you love someone deeply, that person’s health and wellbeing becomes your priority, so if we can do this for others, why should we ignore our own wellbeing?

When you start self-loving, you will become unstoppable. You become passionate with life, everything becomes easier, you will be willing to take challenges and adventures, and find strengths you never had. So stop thinking you are not beautiful enough, not smart enough or not skinny enough, accept who you truly are, then you will see the changes you want.

2. Exercise


To be honest, I am not a fitness expert. I don’t know how to get amazing flat abs or triceps. I simply like exercising because I love moving around. I do not have the workout plan for the perfect body, but I try my best to be active as much as I can everyday. I do both morning and late night workout routine depending on my schedule. No matter its the yoga mat or the gym I spend my sweat session on, I feel extremely strong & energetic after it. Having a workout routine can really give us the benefit beyond the physical.

I also love finding fun exercise inspirations online, here are some interesting motivation I find really interesting & useful:

Blogilates: I really love Cassey Ho’s Popilates videos, because she turned Pilates into something fun and interesting. There is also a couple of monthly plan to follow. I really reckon finding the exercise that you have the most fun with, it really gains the motivation.  (

Lauren Conrad:  The ‘Fat Burning Treadmill workout’ on her blog is really challenging and it also boost that heart rate real fast. A crazy cardio session is certainly something good. Her website also comes with a couple of other fitness fun facts!

To me the best part of  exercising is to put together a music list depending on the workout I am going to do. Here’s a sample of my music list, leave yours in the comment section below to share!! (click on them to listen via youtube.)

Jessie J- Magnetic

NickelBack- Kiss it Goodbye

Icona  Pop- I Love It

The Veronicas- Untouched

Lea Michele- On My Way 

Story of the Year-Wake up

Paul McCartney- Queenie Eye

P!nk-Raise your glass!

Tonight Alive- The Edge

The Silent Comedy-Exploitation

Duran Duran- Come Undone

3. Fresh & Green juice/ Cold Pressed juice  

Healthy Beautiful You

I’m sure everyone has already heard about the fuzz of drinking greens. I tried my very first cold-pressed juice about a year ago in Melbourne. And I fell completely in love with it. I was so surprised by its healing power. Drinking green juices daily provides you the most nature health care & it boosts up your energy level (with loads of vitamins and nutrients). To me the best thing about green juice or any kinds of fresh juice is that you can customise the way you like it, either DIY at home or choose them in stores.

Let me tell you more, not only green juice have amazing health benefits! Juice that contains a lot of berries actually does your skin wonders.  So sometimes when I feel like my skin needs some extra care, I'll hit the kitchen and blend myself some mix berry smoothies (yum and healthy!)

Fresh Green Juice


4. Read & Write often.

Read and Write Often

I like having a book in my bag to give my eyes a break from looking from the screen too long.  Normally, I give myself the ‘two books a month’ goal’ depending on the length (To be honest, it doesn't even have to be a book, sometimes sitting down with a couple of magazine is pretty relaxing too!). Reading really frees me from stress, I can simply dive in the storyline and don’t have to think about anything. I strongly recommend open yourself to any kind of genre. It gives you all kinds of experience.

As for writing, every morning I breakdown my day on a notebook so  just so I know what to expect for today. Sometimes when I get writing inspirations, I will also immediately drop them down, in case I lose it before I get home (I’m a forgetful person!!)

5. Healthy food choice and LOGICAL eating habits (and YUM!)

Eat Healthy

This is actually the biggest change I made, and it is also the one I am most proud of. I became a real health conscious. I am a vegetarian most of the time, but I sometimes eat fish (who does not like a nice plate of sushi huh?) I don’t have a really strict standard on what to eat or not, the only thing I will avoid is process/ packaged food & GMO products (Too high on sugar & artificial ingredients unhealthy!) A healthy diet routine is not avoiding every single food, but to make good choice of what you take in. I really don’t recommend skipping meals or only eating apples (These diet won’t last long, and you will find yourself feeling tired most of the time)

Eat Healthy

(I can go on and on about the benefits of mushrooms, they are high in Vitamins & minerals,  and they also help boost our immune. Fruits are really good replacement for unhealthy sweets like candy, they really satisfy that sweet tooth we girls got. I eat a lot of berries and pineapple for natural skin care & fibre. And apples for antioxidant reasons.) 

Although I’m eating healthy most of time, it does not mean I don’t indulge from time to time (Everybody loves cake and chocolate!). Each weekend I still find myself enjoying a perfect dessert circus with the girls (I am a total sweet tooth), or I will invite my mum & sister to a really fancy dinner. I think it is really important to treat yourself good once a while. Stick to the 80/20 rule, this makes the cheat days much more amazing. If you really feel like you must do some sort of detox due to eating in too much unhealthy food recently, I recommend a veggie three days diet with juice cleanse.  (Again!! do not skip meals!! do not starve yourself!)

Eat Healthy

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post. I just thought kicking start with something positive can really help establish the image and idea I want for ‘The Looking Glass’.  See! Living a healthy life isn’t that hard! Achieving a positive and beautiful life is really easy when you start to focus on your well-being.  Staying healthy is beyond taking care of your own body, it is also a very mindful thing to do. Do you guys have any tips for a healthy and clean eating life? Share it in the comment section below!

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