L1001553 There are a few things I like to do when I have my days off. One of them is get going with the forever long reading list, the other is my so called ‘Food Exploration’. The main reason I love sweating in the gym or hitting that yoga mat is because I LOVE to eat! (I mean..who doesn’t??).  I really don’t believe in sacrificing your appetite to fit in those skinny jeans. Food & exercise definitely goes hand in hand, talking about getting the best of both worlds here.

So here I am, starting a little food project, where I can document my favourite cafés, restaurant and hidden brunch spots that I’ve discovered. Every week, I will be posting on my ‘DINE’ section, revealing coffee shops, tea rooms & bigger bites. Some maybe so good that you’ve already known, but some maybe one of those secret places I’ve selfishly kept in my heart.



Though I do adore the times that I get to enjoy a fancy dinner under the Mechlin stars, I’m constantly searching for places where I can sit and spend the entire afternoon with a book in hand & tasty pastries in the other. I found Fika Fika Café not too long ago, and let me tell you, it really lives up to the name, as ‘Fika Fika’ in Sweden means coffee breaks. This place can be easily passed by, as it is tucked away in the gem of a beautiful park in Taipei city. From their bagels, sandwich, brioche, and to the to-die-for frozen cheesecake, this place is fantastic for anyone who is a carb lover like me! My personal favourite is the yummy original bagel filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon (You can’t go wrong with a bagel classic, trust me!).


image2Although I don’t usually drink coffee, I heard that their coffee is one of the best in Taipei City. A cup of cozy hot beverage with good breads & cakes… what more does a girl need to spend the afternoon right?

Fika Fika Cafe- No.33 Yitong St, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)