L1001767 Let’s take a moment to praise this cute new bag of mine, the A-ESQUE box base e-motion collection. I actually ran into it without planning during my last travel to Melbourne Australia. When I saw this two-coloured handbag with such a fun spirit, I simply cannot resist.  And I am so happy I got it! This bag is not only super cute and beautiful to look at, it is also so easy out-fit going. Major plus!

I’ve been carrying it around for three weeks by now. It is not just the perfect handbag for everyday errands, it also comes with a strap for those times when you need to empty both hands to carry something else. I can fit in my daily essentials, so the size suits me very well too.



This is my very first A-ESQUE handbag, and so far I’m pretty sure this is definitely a brand that is going to stay in my closet! What are your thoughts about my recent purchase?  Share your thoughts in the comment area :) 

#What I’m wearing: Bag. A-ESQUE/ Jewellery. Isabelle Michel (Rings) & Gag et Lou (Bracelet).

#Photography: Allison Peng