OBSESSIONS: Chocolate Madeleine

L1001615 If you follow me on Instagram, you should probably notice that I am a serious sweet tooth, let me repeat, SERIOUS! I love sweet stuff, apple pies, chocolate chunk cookies, things that comes with a spice of sweetness is my favourite. But I have recently developed a new addict on madeleine! Honey original or chocolate, I both adore. So a few days ago, me and my sister Eugenia got together and had a chocolate madeleine baking session. :)

Ingredients:  75g low-gluten flour, 5g suger-free chocolate powder, 2g baking powder, 50g sugar, 10g honey, 81g egg, 1 tea spoon vanilla extract, 100g butter (for 50g clarified butter).



Prepare 50g clarified butter: Heat the butter in a sauce pan, skim off oil from the surface to use.

Filter the flour, then mix with chocolate powder & baking powder.

Add in sugar, honey, vanilla extract & egg. Keep mixing.

Pour in the clarified butter (in 3-4 times), mix until butter oil cannot be seen.

Rest the batter for 15 mins. pre-heat the oven for 200 degree°c.

Brush the mold with butter & flour. Carefully spoon the batter into the mold.

Bake 8-10 mins. Let cool then sprinkle sugar powder on top. Serve!


And there you have it, my ultimate simple version of Chocolate madeleine…delish!!! Me and my sister prefer to have them with fresh milk, but they also goes pretty well with tea & coffee. Feel free to adjust sugar and honey if you do not want them too sweet. It is kind of funny that I use to think french desserts like madeleine are really complicated & difficult, but when you actually try them, it is actually not that hard. To be honest, though I don’t really have a lot of baking experience (my sister is the one with the chef spirit!), I do find a time to time baking session pretty relaxing & fun! Enjoy!