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A whilte ago I got the chance to try the all so famous juice cleanse set. This was my very first juice detox, and since I have already heard so many amazing beneficial facts about it, I just couldn't let the opportunity slip away. I decided to document my first dive, so I could share the experience to any of you who are planning to look into this as well.

Okay, first I want to say that I didn't do this all by myself - My mum got herself a juice set too! And I'm glad she did. Living without solid food was harder than I expected, but because there was the two of us, we can encourage each other to keep it up during the process. I felt pretty fragile and groggy in day 1, I also had a really strong urge for something savoury. Luckily, the last juice for the day was a mix of nuts and vanilla, which really help satisfied the craving. The second day morning was the hardest part for me, my energy level was starting to crash, and all I could think of was my usual granola + yoghurt breakfast routine. I even felt some jealousy seeing my sister digging into that plate of hers. I quickly grabbed my first juice for the day, it was a delicious blend of veggies & pear (green4, a combination I've loved long before I wanted to try the cleanse!), this gave me tuns of energy back and I wasn't thinking of my yoghurt anymore.

Day 3 was really different from the past two days, I can still feel the empty stomach but I wasn't tired at all. I even attended my yoga class! It is really a major plus because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. The day went by quickly and I was pretty proud & happy with myself actually accomplishing the detox. After the entire cleanse, I can really feel an overall physical improvement. My body feels stress-free, and my skin looks clearer. Most importantly! my sleeping quality improved, not longer but definitely deeper (If you're a serious light sleeper like me, you will understand this can literally be considered as a luxury! I use to wake for the most tiny sounds..)



As it can be quite exhausting in the beginning, I would say it is probably the best to do juice cleanse during the weekends or days with looser schedules. I stayed at home for day 1, because I thought it would be easier to avoid seeing all the yummy solid food out there, however, it seems to be better if you have other activities planned (go for a walk or meeting up with friends). I went to the movies on the second day evening and I really didn't think of the bottle of juice in my bag as a detox set, but rather just a normal drink I prepared for the film.

Overall, I would really recommend juice detox to anyone who wants to feel healthier and boost yourself with rich nutrients. But to be clear, this cleanse set is not about loosing weight if thats what you're looking for, I did loose 1 kg during the detox, but my weight tends to go up and down 1 kilo from time to time depending on my workout and eating routine, so I'm not sure if its because of the juices. Juice detox is mainly meant to give the body a rest from digesting too much toxins we sometimes get from dinning out frequently or being a junk food junkie.  So instead for considering juice cleanse as a weight lost diet plan, I would really rather think it as a flush-out to do for your body once a while.

I hope this wasn't too long. I want to share my thoughts and review to those who also wants to try a juice detox themselves, and I bought my own cleanse set so I wasn't paid to write for them, don't worry. 100 percent sincere! I hope this is helpful! :) If you have any specific questions feel free to leave it in the comment area or email me, I'm happy to answer. You can also find more information on the Juicy Diary Taiwan website (here).


Juicing diary


再開始記錄心得前,我必須先聲明:果汁排毒的主要目的並不是瘦身或減肥喔(笑)這三天輕斷食的目標是讓腸胃好好休息,不需要消化過多我們平時飲食方面的不健康。還有,我也建議可以和家人或是朋友一起嘗試第一次的冷壓果汁排毒,這樣才能互相鼓勵,要完成三天的輕斷食真的很需要意志力。第一天基本上並沒有什麼太問題,雖然說肚子是會餓,但是口腹之慾幾乎都還是會被果汁給滿足(第一天嘛!一切都還新鮮)對我來說,最困難的就是第二天早晨,體力很明顯的不足,整個很容易累,加上我是一個很注重早餐的人,沒有吃到優格和穀片就是覺得不舒服,不過好險當天的第一瓶是我平常就很愛的green 4 這倒是滿足了不少味蕾上的空虛。


總而言之,如果你和我一樣對於健康飲食&生活很著迷,可以考慮嘗試一下冷壓果汁輕斷食,有或者,你是長期外食的人,也可以靠這三天攝取到各類蔬果所提供的營養。排毒後的感覺很好,你會對自己的飲食有更深一層的認識。當然,我不是要告訴大家任何不健康的食物都不能吃,我自己也是名副其實的美食主義者,只是大部份的時候我都儘量吃大量的蔬菜水果,這樣才能確保自己的身體一直都在得到應有的照顧。如果對冷壓果汁輕斷食過程有任何想知道的事歡迎在下面留言或是email我,也可以到Juicy Diary Taiwan的臉書上發問,他們會提供更詳細專業的答覆的:))


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