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Sooooo its April! for too long ago I've been praying for that warm sun to come, and now it has finally to start showing bits of it's face! I think the best way to witness the arrival of spring is to pay attention to the beautiful trees & flowers around us, it could be in a particular park, or just the streets you walk by everyday to school/work. Trust me, though the weather isn't really ready for our crop tops and shirt dresses, the plants has already gotten ahead for sure.

I was lucky enough to be in Japan in the beginning of April, which I get to see the blossom of sakura. I've first read about the amazing Japanese sakura on a magazine a couple of years ago, so I was super excited to be here in person. We came across the beautiful Nara Park where the flowers were in full bloom! And as cheesy as it sounds, the sakura certainly made every corner picture-ready.





Hope you all had an amazing Easter! I spent my good friday sinking in a wonderful Japanese tempura feast. Let me know how did you spend yours in the comments area! Have a great day :)