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I am a girl who is lucky enough to find two epic love in life, the love for food as one, and the other, is my undefinable obsession for JEWELLERY. I can never stop myself from searching new bracelets, cuffs & stacking rings on the Internet, and I always stop by the jewellery window once in a while. I just love throwing a ring party on my hands! I also love how the mixing choices are almost unlimited! So I'm sure you can understand the excitement when I discovered the beautiful French jewellery brand-Isabelle Michel.

Usually on the days when my outfit is more simple, I like to venture of as a ring stacker. It gives my look a focus, but mixing rings can be quite tricky, so normally I'll stick with one statement ring along with other thinner & smaller rings. The Cage collection from Isabelle Michel is by far my favourite. Its edgy and feminine at the same time. Simple and strong, great to create a bold & chic look.


And there you have it! a secret spice I put on my outfit when I'm out there with an easy top & jeans look. How do you guys like my new purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments area :)

Shop: Isabelle Michel website