We're are always on our phones, reading Facebook & scrolling through Instagram (this has officially became my all-time obsession). However, I also love using our phones for other purposes. There are actually so many apps out there that make our daily plans easier, helping us with travelling, working, everyday errands..and the list goes on and on. So today, I would like to share my 4 recent favourite apps that I use to organise my plans & daily life.

1. My Fitness pal



They say that the exercise is only half of the health battle. To eat correctly is also very important (obviously!). I use My Fitness Pal to help myself achieve an overall look on my daily take-ins. I'm not suggesting to go all crazy and extremely accurate on counting calories..I would recommend to use it to make sure you're taking enough proteins, good fats..etc. And of course, to avoid overeating & not eating enough.

2. Trip it



I use this app to keep track of my flight details & booking confirmations. Its makes life so much easier, specially during transfer flights! Not only this app documents your transportation, it also keep records of hotels, restaurants, meeting..etc. So convenient!

3. Spending Tracker


I only started a system for keeping track of my finance last year (I know, I'm guilty!). Okay, there's two reason that I love the Spending Tracker. The super cute chalkboard style screen layout as for one, and the other is its simplicity. I love how the graph really gives me an overall idea of how I use my money during the day. I would really recommend this to any of you that wants to start being organised with your expense & income.

4. Headspace


The word mindfulness is really a trend, and an important one. The new discovery on the danger of stress has really hep all of us to focus on the issue. To me, over-stressing leads to poor sleeping qualities, I sometimes find myself waking up in the middle of the night going though my to-do list for tomorrow. So of course, when I found this amazing app that taught me so much about meditation, I just had to put it on the list. With the cute cartoon design and thoughtful audios, Headspace really teaches us how to do mediation properly. Whatever the magic recipe about this app is, it works!

There it is! the 4 apps that makes my life easier. Now its your turn, share some of your favourite apps in the comments area. I would love to know!