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Finding the perfect shirt is just as hard as finding the perfect boyfriend. Assuming you're like me, falling madly in love with the shirt+statement necklace outfit. I've made quite collection and impulsive purchase of shirts in the past, standing in front of the store's mirror just sometimes just look a lot better in your own (which I'm still trying to figure out why!). Anyways, I love button down shirts with skinny jeans & statement accessories, that is probably my most common outfit solution after digging in my closet for about 30 mins trying to figure out something new.

In my case, this outfit is a perfect look for almost any occasion. work, causal date night, and as for today, a long catch up with a very good friend of mine. I actually found this Abercombie & Fitch navy shirt in my sister's closet (they say sisters who dress together..stay together!). And it just fits so well, oversized and tightened in all the right places. Jack pot!


Let me know what you think about button down shirts in the comments area! or share your most go-to outfits with me. Happy Wednesday!

Photography: Allison Peng 

What I'm wearing:

Shirt: Abercombie & Fitch

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind

Shoes: Céline similar here

Necklace: Satellite Paris via Accro Bijoux

Rings: Gag et Lou via Accro Bijoux

Watch: Chanel/ Bag: A-Esque