image5 In two days, I will be flying to Europe to arrange housing situations for my next adventure. Yes! happy to announce that I will be moving to London late August! I'm so excited! And since my trip this time is about two weeks, I thought it would be nice to share some of my travel style tips. So here I am today, sharing my 5 favourite/essential travel footwear choices.

1. Slip-on Sneakers


ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to pack a pair of slip-on sneakers, they are just as important as packing your underwear. I put them on for the days when I know the entire schedule basically walking & exploring, I also wear these for the plane, so cute and practical.

2. Comfy loafers


Yeah, I know. Sometimes you don't want to wear the same shoes just because its comfortable. I bring another pair of flat loafers, so I can switch it around for my causal outfits. I've bought these loafers from Tod's a year ago, and I'm still loving them! They go with almost everything and many occasions.

3. Thick Heels

image4 copy

Packing a pair of thick heels is just is equally important packing your comfy go-to shoes. You never know if you will need to boost your height for a unplanned fancy dinner or event. I prefer to stick to thick heels on the go rather than really high pumps, it makes it so much easier to both look pretty and stylish. Also, you can walk around in them all day without having to take them off on the car, such a plus! I am currently obsessed with this pair of thick heels..Do you know the feeling when you see a pair of amazing shoes on someone, and you hoped that you could have something like that to play with? Thats how I felt when I first saw them.

4. Biker Boots


I always pack a pair of biker boots so I can add some edginess to my travel outfits. I mean..who doesn't love paring skinny jeans with biker boots right? They also look extremely cool with summer dresses, talking about my tomboy causal spirit here!

5. Flat Sandals/Slippers


And lastly, the summer must-haves! A pair of cute flip flops really gives that summer outfits some bonus points. Don't forget them!

In the Post:

Slip ons: Chiara Ferragni

Loafers: Tod's

Thick Heels: Dresscode Taiwan

Biker Boots: Stuart Weitzmen

Flip-Flop: Tory Burch