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They say that some of the best pieces come from your mother's closet...and I for one, definitely know what it means. My mum has one of the most amazing coat collections I've ever seen. I'm currently in London, spending Mother's day week with my mother, and the funny thing is that I some how underestimate the coldness of the city. I packed everything other than a coat to keep me warm. So when I was literally freezing in the rain for the first day, my mum offered me one of her amazing Nevenka Coat. And now I just couldn't take it off! 

I love coats that are slightly oversized, the floppiness is probably my favourite part, I love the fact that you can wrap yourself in it. Not to mention that check print is always a very good friend of mine. Due to the chilliness of London, I've been wearing quite a lot of this jeans & coat look. Its easy & classic. Also, the front cutting really brings up the style. If you were meant to invest on a coat that you will truly cherish throughout the seasons, I would definitely recommend going through the beautiful Nevenka Coat collection, not that the fabric quality is amazing, the design is just something you wouldn't want to miss. 



So I thought it would be nice to showcase a little style connection I have with my mother for the coming special day. I hope you all liked it! and Happy Mother's Day!

Photography: Cynthia Kuo


Coat: Nevenka

Top: Dleet

Jeans: 7 for all mankind 

Shoes: Tod's 

Necklace: Isabelle Michel via #accro