The Soho Hotel

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thesohohoteldecoAs you may see on my Instagram (@tiffanyy_yang), I've currently traveled from London to Paris. So I thought it would be the perfect timing to give my London stay a review. Before going to Paris, we stayed in The Soho Hotel for a week in London. The Soho is not anything as fancy as 5-star hotels, however, it is definitely one of the best design hotels I've stayed in. Its cozy & creative, with very beautiful interior decorations. Also, the breakfast is seriously to-die-for. I almost woke up 7am everyday just for the continental buffet. Most importantly, the service was a lot more welcoming than many hotels I've stayed before.

Pros: Amazing decoration, yummy breakfast (à la carte + buffet) & room service (love the seafood platter!), 24 hours gym facility, really friendly staff, thoughtful concierge services, great location (near Oxford st & Piccadilly Circus)

Cons: no hair dryer plug in the bathroom (for me its kinda of odd, but some of you probably don't mind), breakfast can be slightly expensive if you didn't buy the package. 



Overall, I would really say this would be a great hotel to put in that 'next staying list' for your future London trips. (I paid & booked the hotel by myself, so I wasn't asked to write a review for them, don't worry!) Happy Travelling! 




這次在倫敦的行程中,特別上網找了有關有設計風格的小旅館。畢竟歐洲的特殊風格住宿一直都是很有名,這次前前後後加起來總共十多天,所以決定來好好體驗一下。像The Soho Hotel這樣的旅館,雖然沒有可以媲美五星級的設施,但是卻是我好幾次旅遊下來目前算是最滿意的前幾家。整家旅館,總共包含了96間和其他房間擁有不同設計的房間,房型也不等,這次我們非常幸運的安排到其中兩間。


不只整體的裝潢用心,就連早餐的選擇也非常有彈性。不但可以自行選擇利用不同蔬果組合打成果汁,餐單的調整幅度也很大(真的是只要廚房有食材他們就會做給你這樣,不誇張)不得不說,早餐服務真的是虜獲我的最大助手。除了飯店內部讓人喜愛,地點也是非常的方便。到牛津街步行大約十分鐘,另外,離精品店林立的New/Old Bond St也非常近,旁邊還有倫敦人氣很炙熱的美食-burger & lobster! 整體來說,真的是非常推薦這裡,不管是未來或是已經有計劃要到倫敦旅行,不妨來體驗一下這樣溫馨小巧的設計旅館吧:))