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leatherjacket3The thing I've always wanted to do here on TLG, is to showcase figures other than just me. Yes, I created The Looking Glass, but I didn't want myself to be the only content, I also want it to be about everything or person around me that I felt inspired & connected to. So here I am, profiling the girl I've known for almost my entire life- Cynthia Kuo. 

Okay, obviously the reason why I wanted to record her style is that this girl knows what she is doing. She pretended like she doesn't, but she has it going on. Equally girly & boyish, you always find her pulling off cool edgy styles with a tweak of feminine. Oh, and most importantly, she loves her leather jacket. (I mean...who doesn't?) cynthiascarf



Perhaps its not a coincidence that my best friend is the premier of my TLG gust style, a section detected to highlight stylish girls or boys I come across. For now, you may only know she's a rather brilliant friend of mine, but trust me, there's more of this than it meets the eye. Couldn't be more thrilled, let me introduce you to Cynthia Kuo. 

Who is your fashion icon?

Chiara Ferragni-Stylish, and easy to follow. She always goes for one key point, nothing too complicated. 

How do you normally find your outfit inspirations?

Instagram.. or advice from mum. 

Which piece in your closet do you like most? 

Marni Navy & Black Top 

Describe your typical weekend outfit: 

Sweatshirt & leggings 

On a day off in Edinburgh, where would we find you?

In my dorm..catching up with reality shows 

Whats in your bag right now?

Wallet, YSL Lipstick, Olympus EPL5, Hairband, Beats earphone, charger 

Favourite place or website to shop?

Landmark Plaza & Pacific Place in Hongkong 

One beauty product that you can't live without?

Shu Uemura Eyeliner 

One style you will probably never try:

All pink outfits 

Name 3 items on your current wish list:

Sunglasses, Boy Chanel, Watch 

Coffee or tea?


Beer, Cocktail or Wine?


Instagram or Facebook?


Shoes or Handbag?


Ideal city to live in?

Taipei. Home & convenient ..what's more to ask?

What would you tell your a year ago self?

Find yourself. Be better to yourself. 


Leather Jacket: SC Amos

Top: Mason

Trousers: Topshop 

Shoes: Prada

Scarf: Balenciaga 

Bag & Sunglasses: Céline