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Today I'd thought I'd share with you one of my favourite shops/brands from Paris. As you may have already found out on my Instagram (@tiffanyy_yang), and I've probably already mentioned for a thousand time, I am a very big fan of jewellery. And I also love getting sets of rings or necklaces as a reminder of a particular place. So to visit a couple of jewellery designer brand stores has become the main purpose of my very recent Paris trip. I'm currently so in love with Satellite Paris, especially their Thelma collection. I was first introduced to this brand from an amazing online jewellery boutique from Taiwan- #accro..I love this brand because it really sends a sense of culture. Almost in every collection, you can tell in which part of the world the designer is inspired by. (I mean..who can say no to an adventurous spirit right?) This brand really lives up to it's name!

I love wearing my Thelma ring together with the necklace, mostly with a simple white button down shirt and ankle skinny jeans. The easier, the better. So here's a quick update on Paris, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Saturday! 

今天決定來分享這次巴黎四天三夜小旅行的入手的飾品品牌,身為嚴重的飾品控,親自造訪一些飾品設計師品牌的店面似乎早就是這次巴黎行的不成文目的。自從離開法國後,最常拿出來佩戴的飾品絕對是Satellite Paris的Thelma系列。 第一次接觸這個品牌其實是透過台灣的#accro,之所以著迷於這個品牌,莫過於那充滿文化層次的冒險精神了。在不同的系列裡,總是可以捕捉到來自各地異國的特色,把設計師周遊列國的記憶完美呈現。戴像這樣款式較大戒指和項鍊的時候,我會儘量穿著簡單,像是一件白襯衫配上一條刻意破損的牛仔褲是我近來最喜愛的穿著。


Jewellery: Satellite Paris & #accro

Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham