sophietote I have been craving and saving for a new designer bag for a while. To be honest, I was considering the Chloe Drew Bag at first, however, I couldn't find the print I liked, plus, a small bag for someone like me just doesn't seem that practical. 

While I was stumbling around old bond street in London, I found this beautiful Sophie Hulme tote in Joseph. I actually didn't buy it right away though I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight, for the next few days, I started to feel really anxious that its going to sold out. So yeah. When I noticed, I was already on my way back to get this gem. 

Best. Decision. Ever! love the quality! Not to mention that the style is timeless, and so easy to match! Plus the size fits me just fine, I always tend to carry loads of stuff with me. I can't really give a long list of reviews yet, since I've only had it for a week or so. But I'm carrying it almost everyday, and so far, everything is perfect! I cant wait to take more outfit photos with this new collection of mine..stay tuned! 

Let me know what do you think about this bag, share it in the comments area! x 

這次到倫敦旅遊,心裡一直想要入手一款設計師包款, 不管是資料或是儲蓄方面都算是做足了功課。不過計劃趕不上變化,原本預定的包款到店裡看到實品卻沒有想像中心動,反而是在一趟誤打誤撞的閒逛中,發現了先前一直沒有特別注意的品牌Sophie Hulme 。有別於一般精品大品牌直接的風格和形象,像這樣年輕的設計師品牌反而多了分沈穩,低調但品質卻不馬虎。簡單的設計線條配上有個性的金屬扣環、經典的顏色,還有理想的大小,這樣的包款很適合平日的穿搭,搭配性和實用性都很高。這樣的小眾時尚,反而對我更有吸引力。



Sophie Hulme Tote