londonstreets After a couple of sleepless jet lag nights, my London photo diary is finally here. As I mentioned before, I was in London settling some living arrangement for this fall, however, we did more travelling & eating more than arranging I have to admit (oops!). London was one of my dream city to live in, and I'm so thankful that I get the chance to accomplish my dream. The streets & buildings are amazing, and so is the food. I'm definitely missing the chilly weather and beautiful street views, can't wait to actually move there. 




-Ben's Cookie, I love this chain biscuit shop! they have so many different flavours. There is nothing better than a cup of hot tea with a piece double chocolate chunk in chilly London. 



-The beautiful flowers in front of Liberty London. :) 

Liberty London是在倫敦頗有名氣的百貨公司,但吸引我的並不是裡頭的商品,反倒是外圍的小花店,繽紛的色彩,讓我在偏冷的氣候中體驗到了些許的春意。


-Burger & Lobster! This place really lives up to their name, there's only three items on the menu: Burger, Grilled or Steamed Lobster & Lobster roll. How cool is that? 



-The Breakfast Club is totally worth a visit! okay, let me rephrase..worth a couple of visits. I love their sweet pancake and halloumi wrap (as seen as the photo below). The queue can be a little long, but trust me, when you tried the meal, you'll forget about the wait. 

旅遊中最令人歡喜的,莫過於找到一家合乎自己口味的早餐店。我愛吃早餐,吃的飽足滿意就能夠維持一整天的好心情。別被那偏長的的隊伍嚇到了,The Breakfast Club的早餐絕對值得。



As you may notice, we didn't pay any visit to lots of the must-go spots, those places that you should have checked in as soon as you arrived London (The London Eye, London bridge..), we wanted to keep everything laid-back, plus, I'll be spending a couple of years here soon, so what's the rush right? 

So here's a peek of my London trip last week. I hope you liked it. I'm sorry if there is too many food photos, I'm a complete foodie. Let me know what you think about the photos in the comments. x



Ben's Cookie

Liberty London

Burger & Lobster

The Breakfast Club