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Ah, what a relaxing couple of days! Ever since I got back from Europe, I've been slacking off quite a bit (The excuse here would be my jet lag). And since I've been trying to recover from the time difference, it just felt so perfect to stay inside. So bouncing between cafes with a couple of close friends has become basic routine. Yesterday, me and my friend Allison spent a quick cup of coffee (green tea latte, to be accurate) in a newly discovered café called All Day Roasting Company.  

The place was beautifully interiorised, and the window was huge enough to bring in loads of natural light, which is perfect for photos! Anyways, the situation was too good to pass for a couple of shots. 

As a lover of all things comfortable, I can't get enough of  the easy t-shirt dresses. I found this oversized t-shirt dress via Basic Taiwan a couple of months ago, and I still remember the very first time when I wore this, I was a little anxious that this may look too much like my pjs. However, I guess with the right accessories you won't look like you just got out of bed. Okay, even though it does look like sleepwear, would it be an issue? I mean whats more to ask from fashion when you can wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in? I just love the airy and free feeling of oversized clothing. Amazing. 

As easy as it gets. This is by far my most comfy and favourite summer outfit. x

因為時差的關係,這段時間一直在發懶。大部份的時間都泡在咖啡廳,或許是因為生理時鐘還沒調回來,也可能是因為想偷點閑吧。來到了這家位於民生社區的All Day Roasting Company,因為有大片的落地窗,所以採光非常的充足,難得在室內可以找到這樣的自然光,硬是拉著朋友幫我拍了幾張照片。這件黑色的連身裙是前幾個月在Basic下訂的,我很喜歡版型稍大的設計,給人很自由的感覺。配上簡單的飾品和包包,就能夠出門。


photography: Allison Peng 


Black T-shirt Dress: Basic Taiwan (similar here)

Shoes: Tod's (sold out, different colour)

Necklace & Ring: Satellite via #accro 

Watch: Chanel J12

Bag: A-Esque (sold out, different colour here)

Indoor Location: All Day Roasting Company Taipei