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I've never consider myself a girly gal. I almost never wear anything floral or pink, don't get me wrong, the two styles are very pretty, but I just don't see myself in it. Most of the time I put myself in a oversize boyfriend shirt with a pair of skinny then I'm all set to go. However, I've stumbled across a couple of delicate and feminine jewellery sets recently, and there's no words to express how much I love them. 

I was first introduced to the amazing french brand Gag et Lou by an Taiwanese online jewellery boutique #accro a couple of months ago, and immediately fell in love with not only the entire collection, but also the beautiful meaning behind the brand name. Gag et Lou, in english means Gag & Lou, its the name of the designer's two children. I've seen designers naming their brand after themselves, but very few after their family. Anyways, I felt really connected. 

What I love most about these small rings is that, unlike statement rings, its really okay to stack them up a bit. With some venturing, it all still seems pretty delicate. And also, they go extremely well with my favourite button down shirt outfit. Major plus! 

If I have to pick one favourite piece from the brand (which is really hard I admit..), I would probably pick the Manchette Ethnique Cuff Bracelet. I love the combination of silky metal with different colour threads. Its fun and feminine at the same time. 





And there you have it, a little introduction about one of my favourite jewellery brands. I hope you liked it, let me know what you think in the comments area below. x 

Photography: Allison Peng 


Rings & Cuff: Gag et Lou via #accro (or official website here)

Oversized button down shirt: Chloe (similar here)

Trousers: Dresscode Taiwan 

Indoor location: Coffee essential Taipei