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Apologies for being absent for a week, I was away in Australia for a trip I like to call 'down the memory lane'. As some of you may already know that I spent my university life their and this place has really grow on me. I missed it so much that I decided to travel all the way down to make myself feel better. And I have to say, this time, I left kangaroo land with my heart at its fullest. The entire week was very emotional and satisfying. 

At the third day of our trip, we had lunch with the beautiful Nevenka Family! Easey's is a restaurant with the mixture of modern and edginess. Most of all, they tweaked their interior perfectly with a couple of graffitis. The colours were smartly used that you won't feel like its over decorated. And the train theme is probably by far one of the coolest restaurant themes I've come across.    

Apart from the decoration, the food was amazing! We ordered pretty much everything on the menu. The presentation may not be delicate, but the taste was definitely divine! We had fun trying all the delicious sides, but my favourite were the chips (I love the crispy kind versus the soft ones), and for dessert, I just can't stop thinking of the doughnuts..I'm talking about chocolate lavas in puffy hot doughnuts...yum!

Writing this post actually makes me hungry. Hope you guys are planning some food adventures for this week, or if you're in Melbourne, I would really recommend putting Easey's on your list. x


Easey's Burger- 48 Easey St, Collingwood, VIC3066 AU