melbourne_brigntonbeach If you read my previous post about Easey's, you'll probably know that two weeks ago, I was still walking around the Melbourne streets. This trip was decided about three weeks prior of the scheduled flight, and the most special part is that my best friend actually decided to hop on the plane with me in the last minute!

The trip was truly amazing. It felt like home for the holidays rather than visiting another destination. Well, let's face it..Melbourne is really my second home after all. Despite all the wonderful things, I have to say, my stomach will probably hate me. I've been stuffing so much food inside that I was actually feeling a little bit sick when I return. But it was definitely worth it! We visited a couple of my personal favourite & go-to places (let me rephrase..yummy places!). Camberwell Sunday Market, South Yarra, South Bank, Collingwood, Melbourne Zoo, and obviously, the CBD. To be honest, I never know going back there would bring me so much energy. This is trip felt like a therapy, I felt extremely calm and satisfied on the last day. Sad to leave of course, but also ready for my next step in life. I mean what's more to ask from travelling when you can return home from a full heart right? 





-Meeting Kangaroos for the very first time via Melbourne Zoo. 



-One of my favourite designer brands from Australia. A-esque, I wrote about the e-motion bag here


-My best friend Cynthia!!! (I documented her style here



-The famous bathing boxes on Brighton beach 


-the best macarons in Melbourne, La Belle Miette. 


It took me so long to decide what photos to upload here, since there are tuns of them I wanna share. I hope you find it interesting. Beautiful view, delicious food, some catching up with a couple of my close friends there, and loads of good laughs..well, well, all good memories. Have a great week :)