Its no secret that I'm moving to London this fall.One of the most exciting thing for me (other than bopping around Europe of course) is to finally have the chance to decorate my own place. So I've been constantly browsing Pinterest to look for inspiration & ideas. I love clean and simple interior styles, the whole relaxing and effortless feeling just attracts me so much. And I'm pretty sure after you read this post, you'll probably discover my ultimate crush on minimalism. 


-image via My Scandinavian Home

I've always loved off white home decorations. I think they are very clean and timeless, you'll never get sick of them. And with just a few shades of colour, everything will look just right.


-image via The Design Chaser

I also love how white goes perfectly with the warm colours from the blush family, as well as natural wooden colours. This combination is so inviting and cozy. 

Wardrobe-image via Chocolate Heels 

Yeah, I know this closet inspiration is not too practical, especially for someone like me with an explosive wardrobe all the time. But I just love the simplicity. Making your clothes and shoes part of your bedroom decoration is such a great idea. It creates a really good sense of layering, specially if white is going to be my main bedroom theme. 


-image via The Every Girl 

Last, but definitely not least. A book decoration! I came across this interesting article on The Every Girl, about how to use your books as part of your home decor. And I just love this idea. I love books, and I'm constantly being told that I have too many books in my room. But hey! now there is solution, how amazing is that!

Home decoration has always been one of the things that I really focus on. After hours of work and school for the day, your will want your apartment or house to be the place that you can really sink in and relax. And, as a person interested in the creative field, I get most inspired by surroundings. I'm an incredibly visual person, a good decor really gives me that vibe. After all, I hope you find this interesting. I'll be posting more inspirations soon. Let me know what you guys think about my bedroom mood board in the comments area. x