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Plants, Book & Tea, are probably the best words I can think of that suits the afternoons I spent in Grassphere. Ever since I first visited the Grassphere tea shop in Taipei, I've been dying to do an update here on TLG. This little tea shop is located at Ming Sheng Community, where all the famous cafes are. Unlike typical tea shops where they serve english tea and scones, Grassphere actually focuses on handmade food like quiches and sandwiches, and they also sell their own tea leaves. 

I love the laid back feeling here, this place really slows you down, free you from all the nerves and stress you had during the week. Sipping their tea lattes with a book in hand, stay offline for a couple of relaxing! The decoration is nothing too fancy, however, if you're like me, always drown to homey atmosphere that makes you wanna just sink in your seat, then you'll love this place as much as I do. 







They offer quite a few non meat choices here, my personal favourite is the avocado sandwich. If you're not vegetarian, they also have a chicken and pumpkin combination which is pretty light as well. As I always crave for something sweet after savoury (Ah! the never ending cycle!), ordering the Banana Caramel Brownie is definitely a must! This dessert is basically a combination of chocolate tart and caramelised banana, its seriously delicious! and I love the look, there's nothing more tempting than a cute plating! 

The only down part of this place is that it offers a small number of seats, so its mostly fully seated in the weekends. If you're looking to enjoy Grassphere with less crowd, then I would recommend visiting there during week days! x



Grassphere Tea Shop

No. 175, Yanshou St, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

Tel: + 886-2-2747-2510