shinjuku_street If you've been following my Instagram & Snapchat (, you will notice that I was still in Tokyo a few days ago. So this weekend, I decided to edit my photos and share them with you. This trip was planned last year, we were suppose to visit Tokyo for christmas, but something came up. By the way, its been quite a while since I travelled with my entire family, so I was really looking forward to this trip.

The trip was great, and I'm surprised that the bad weather didn't really influence our mood at all. We did so much walking that I'm sure my legs want to murder me, I also shopped a bit, can't wait to share my new-ins here at TLG.

As for tips on travelling in Tokyo, I really recommend downloading travel apps, I use Tokyo Subway, which is super useful, because it helps you plan the shortest subway routes. And you all know that I love using Trip it to organise my bookings (read about it here). 

Our hotel is located in Shinjuku (Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel-they provide free shuttle buses to Disneyland! how good is that?!) I think the location is pretty convenient, the nearest subway station is only 5-10 mins away, plus, it is surrounded by a couple of delicious restaurants and supper choices, such a major plus!


sarabeth_tokyoI'm so glad there is Sarabeth's in Tokyo now. So much nearer than NYC! tokyo_crabfeast

crab_dinnerCrab. Feast. tokyo_disney_seaTokyo Disney Sea. It was raining pretty heavily that day, but we still had loads of fun! Tokyo_Disney_Land Disney Land! The happiest place of the world. alien_mochiAwww...these toy story custard sweets are just adorable. tokyo_centre_bakery

tokyo_travelI have to say..Tokyo seriously has the best convenient store! this is how my sister reacted when she saw fried chicken in LAWSON. tokyo_street_view

A walk in the Nakano street mall.


The streets in Tokyo are extremely clean, and the food is wonderful! We had so much good food that in one point I really hope I live there. We had an amazing time, if only I could understand Japanese, then I'll be able to embrace the culture a bit more. Five days is not enough to explore Tokyo at all, there's still so much I want see and experience, maybe I should plan for a longer trip next time, perhaps next year :) 


這次真的是舊地重遊,下榻的飯店一樣 (京王廣場飯店),餐廳也沒特地去嘗鮮,反倒是回味了不少我們一致公認是來日本一定要吃的美食。從道樂的螃蟹大餐一直到米其林三星的天婦羅 七丁目 京星,都是以前就去過,但到現在還是好喜歡的店家。很喜歡這樣的感覺,雖然少了一趟旅程多少該有的刺激感,卻多了不少悠閒安逸的節奏,簡單但不無聊,五天就這麼舒舒服服的過去了。