whatinmybag_cover Hello there! hope you're not tired of my travel related posts. I've previously shared a 'whats in my bag' for plane carry ons (read about it here). So today, I would like to share another version of this, which is what do I normally bring when I arrived my destination and start exploring. 

1. Small Shoulder or Cross Body Bags 


I find it easier to explore a place with a small cross body bag, because I can keep my hands empty to carry other things (you know..there are always times when we shopped a little too much haha!). My mum gave me this nano Céline on my 20th birthday, and I'm still loving it so much. It is definitely my favourite on-th-go small bags (believe it or not, I can actually fit in my camera!). I also love this white Proenza Schouler I got from a summer sale in New York last year, it turns out to be one of my best investments. The only down side of this bag is that its too small for my camera. 

2. Smaller Purses


Call me superstitious, but I never put all my money and cards in one place when I'm on the go (Maybe its just me, I sometimes feel like I tend to have a higher chance to loose stuff during my trips). Basically, I will leave my entire wallet in the hotel room, and bring only one credit card, some cash and my ID card in different small purses, so when the worse comes to worst, I don't loose everything at once.   

3. Sunglasses  sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fun way to accessorise our outfits. Specially in the summer, sunglasses are not only cool, but very useful as well, they help protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays. I've been wearing my Victoria Beckham sunglasses for almost everyday this past month. These sunglasses match perfectly with everything, and they help tweak the simplest outfit to something trendy. If you're looking for something a little bit more edgy, I recommend going for cooler designs like the Ross & Brown mirrored sunglasses. 

4. Pocket Notebook & Pen 


If you're like me, prefer seeing things written down..then I'm sure you'll understand the need for a travel journal. I tend to be most inspired when I'm exploring a new city, so a pocket notebook is really a must! 

5. Lip Balm 


The lip balm I carry during my trips are either no scents, or something very refreshing. I focus on hydrating, so that my lip stays moisturised throughout the day. I have really dry lips, so lip balm is definitely the essential I'll never forget. 

6. Iphone, Camera & Earphones


Last but not least, my electronic essentials. I'm so addictive to snapchat for the moment (ID: yang.tiffany), that I'm always snap-chatting along the way, and I'm sure you all love Instagram. I also bring earphones if I know I'll be taking a lot of transportation on the day. And of course, my camera for my travel photos here on TLG!

So there you have it, my 'whats in my bag' on-the-go version, please let me know what you think in the comments area :) 


 1. Bags: Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny / Céline Nano 

2. Small Purses: Typo

3. Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham/ Ross & Brown

4. Pocket Notebook: Rifle Paper & Co.

5. Lip Balm: Kiehl's & Aromatherapy Associates