Tokyo has always been one of my favourite cities in Asia. A place where you can find the best food, and the people are so nice and polite. But it is also a city of fast pace, sometimes I can't help but get a little exhausted by the crowded subways and busy traffics. Let me share with you a little known fact of mine, when I feel like I need to slow down in Tokyo, I go to Daikanyama- My Favourite area in Tokyo. I love taking my time finding the beautiful gems hidden in the little alleys. So today, I want to give you a little peek of this not that secret place of mine. 





To be honest, thought it is not a very big area, it is definitely a place full of life. There are so many creative store designs that I just can't stop taking photos of. And I absolutely love the public arts, these Japanese sure knows how to create magic with their surrounding. We stumbled across this tiny cafe, where they just randomly arrange fade and retro tables and chairs for their outdoor seating area (the photo above), how cute is that! 




travel_photoL1000967 L1000992There you have it, my favourite destination in Tokyo. If you're going to Tokyo in the near future, make sure to plan a day there. I promise you won't be disappointed! As you may notice, I'm so madly in love with travelling, it makes an individual grow so much in so many different ways. And it is also a great way for new inspirations! Speaking of that, something new is about to happen here. Stay tuned! I hope you will are as excited as I am! By the way, are any of you on snapchat? this is my new addiction, I snap every single day. Follow me on @yang.tiffany, I'll be sharing glimpse of my intern product shoots and of course, my trips. :)