The courage to change, Yogen Cafe.


In the words of Socrates, ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new'. Yet, the idea of changing itself takes a lot of courage, the courage to let go of the past. I, for one is a big fan of people, especially woman who can just say goodbye to whatever she's doing now, and start a new adventure. Well, isn't that what we are looking for in life? Adventure. I've been wanting to profile the owner of Yogen Cafe, Lion ( didn't get it wrong, thats her name) for a while. First, she is one of the most positive person I've ever met in my life; Second, she knows the power of change pretty well. A realist, a free spirit, and a dog lover, doesn't she just sound so cool already, but let me tell you, there is definitely more than it meets the eyes. Keep on reading.

Years ago, Lion left her architecture job, and decided to start her own cafe business. Her previous cafe was located in one of Taipei's fuzziest district, and she's become so busy that she felt like her lifestyle dropping. There were too many customers, that in order to keep up with the business speed, she had to scarifies the quality. And she didn't like that. It wasn't until earlier this year that she decided to shake things up a bit. Leaving the city she has lived for over 20 years, achieving the 'Semi Retirement life'. As Yilan has a much more slower pace than Taipei, she now has more time and space to recreate the perfect cafe she had in mind. 

生活上很多事都講求 timing,找工作、出國留學、甚至是情人之間的約會告白都是如此。好的 timing 一切順理成章,心裡不禁懷疑老天爺是不是一步步都替我們安排好了。有梗咖啡與老闆獅子似乎就是一個這樣的機緣;在宜蘭的朋友「剛好」有空房需要租出去,獅子也「剛好」決定為自己的生活做些改變,便隻身提著行李從台北搬到宜蘭。「我想過半退休的生活。」堅定的眼神,看不出一絲遲疑,對自己現在的狀態非常滿意。自從離開了原先的建設公司,創業開簡餐廳和咖啡館,前前後後居然也過了二十年。台北市的餐飲業不好做,特別是當餐廳是位在繁忙的信義區,中午廣大的上班族客群,忙的程度相信大家都很清楚。因為太忙,所以工作品質的兼顧也變得困難許多,是累了,但同時也是那完美主義在作祟,到了一個新的地方,一切重新開始;在宜蘭的慢步調下,她更能顧好品質,將一切完美呈現。


From furniture hunts all the way to decorating, Lion did everything herself. The Vintage wooden cabinets and table sets, are all her personal favourites. And as a lover of classical music, she brought her collection of little violins, mozart statues, and posters into the store.

Moving to another city didn't just change her job, but also her perspective of life. 'Now I do everything just to be happy', she realised that focusing on happiness is far more important than achieving anything else.




As some of you may notice, I've been dropping some hints behind my posts about a significant change thats going to happen here on TLG. So I decided to ask Lion a little bit about travelling. Now that she has a lot more time than before, she has planned several trips for herself already, Sky Diving in New Zealand, Road trip in France, and probably another adventure in her favourite country Austria. In a world where we constantly debate is it possible to have it all, I would say Lion probably does. A job that she loves, and all of the time to explore the world, I mean whats more to ask right?






Yogen Cafe

No. 39, Section 1, Minquan Rd, Yilan City, Taiwan