Coffee Essential

cafe_essential When it comes to cafe, let's face it, we can't live without it, we can't help to Instagram it. The funny thing is that, I actually don't drink coffee, I'm more of a tea person. But I love cafes, I love sipping my hot chocolate or tea lattes with my laptop on the table. Yes, I truly believe in the love story between laptop and cafes. Combing business and pleasure really help us to get things done faster. So today, I'd like to introduce you one of my favourite cafes in town, Coffee Essential. 

Like many other good cafes in Taipei, Coffee Essential is located in a ting alley of Minsheng District (I really reckon going there, if you're a sucker of homey cafes like me).  On a regular day off or weekends, usually includes a visit to coffee essential to do some afternoon photo editing. Here in TLG, we believe that switching up your workplace is a great way to spark your creativity, and this also helps prevent that writer's block. What I love most about Coffee Essential is the industrial & loft interior decorations. If you're a fan of red bricks and metal chairs, trust me, this is your place. 


cafe_essential cafe_essential cafe_essential cafe_essential

The vibe here is pretty calm and quite, most people are here to read, work or to just spend some quality time alone. Seats are mainly designed  for those who come alone, I'm so glad to find a place for us freelancers to spend our afternoons. Though they do offer quite a lot of seats, they still go full house most of the time, so I reckon booking a day before to avoid the wait. 


cafe_essential cafe_essentialcafe_essential

The food take forms as small bites, sandwiches, soups and lots of cakes. During my visits, I order the signature cheesecake every single time, without fail.  So far, all of my friends who I've brought here, said nothing bad but good about the cake, especially those who craves thick and creamy cheesecake all the time. 


cafe_essential cafe_essential cafe_essential cafe_essential cafe_essential

Being a complete foodie, one of my favourite things to do is to discover small coffee shops or boutique cafes. So you can imagine how excited I am to share my new series: Cafe Guide. I will be sharing more cafe discoveries here on TLG, I hope you will find it interesting! Lastly, I would love to know how you guys think of this new series, share your thoughts in the comments area :) 

因為太喜歡待在咖啡廳了,所以決定在網站上開闢一個新系列,「Cafe Guide」;與你們分享所有在世界各地發現的特殊、有趣或是個性的咖啡廳。讓大家能夠納入自己的旅遊小名單中,發現有別於一般的觀光景點,希望你們喜歡!有任何的想法或是意見,歡迎在下面的留言處留言。

[symple_googlemap title="Coffee Essential " location="No. 105, Lane 1, Alley 56, Section 3 Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan" height="300" zoom="15"]


Coffee Essential

No. 105, Lane 1, Alley 56, Section 3 Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

+886 2 8712 1220