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I still remember the first time I came to Notting Hill, how I wished I could live here one day. I love how that this place has its own place, a bit slower but still fairly busy as central London. And how it kind of reminds me of Melbourne. Also, the beautiful white house with the stylish black doors, ah, such an ideal. Yesterday, I dragged my mum away from Oxford Street  (like me, she's kinda a shopaholic) to Notting Hill. We walked from the Notting Hill Station to Holland Park, to just experience how the area is like. There's just something so elegant about this pace, I fell completely in love. 

還記得幾個月前第一次到 「諾丁山 Notting Hill」的時候,被那一棟棟的白房吸走了目光,寬敞的街道,以及幾條時髦商店街,思緒不自覺得回到了電影新娘百分百的場景。有別於倫敦市中心的繁忙,在 Notting Hill 一切顯得慵懶放鬆,卻又不失一個區域該有的活力和熱鬧。週末白天,有著市集的滂礡,到了平日或是週末傍晚,成了一個極度適合散步的絕佳地點,一切靜得很美,很有味道。昨天,拉著吳小姐來到這區走走,我們從 Notting Hill Gate Station 一路走到了下一站 Holland Park,不算短的路程,讓我又再度被這裡深深吸引,眼前一幕幕的畫面都讓我羨煞著居住在這區的人,像是戀愛般,我的視線無法離開。


We arrived too late for the famous Portobello Market, however, it turns out to be the perfect careless mistake. The element of relaxing during your adventures, and the beauty of to not always sticking to your plan. We sometimes focus on reaching the place so much that we forgot to enjoy the ambience. So in case I haven't said to you guys before, travelling should be about the journey, not just the destination. 

原先的計畫,是要在早上來體驗這裏的假日市集,不過因為睡晚了,抵達的時候,市集已經結束。不過也就因為如此,我看到了不一樣的街景,少了壅擠的觀光人潮,體驗到了最原汁原味的 Notting Hill;我想,所謂「美麗的錯誤」用在這裡再適合不過了。讓我不禁想起以前的自己,大約一兩年前的我,對於旅遊,總是執著在抵達每個景點,眼睛時常是盯著地圖和行程,反而錯過了眼前的景象;這個壞習慣,是我到這一年左右才終於成功改掉,學會享受迷路的過程,旅途變得更充實、更美好。


We didn't plan for any lunch places for the day. And when we walked out the station, the first thing we saw was the big gigantic Jamie Oliver restaurant sign. So we thought, why not? The food was great, I mean, IT IS Jamie Oliver after all. I especially love their pastry collection, the canelé I ordered was beyond amazing. We also ran into seeing a cute little cooking class for kids, they are so curios and full of passion, it was definitely one of the most lovely moments I witnessed in London so far. 

剛抵達車站的時候,兩個人都有些餓了,往對面一看就看見了 Jamie Oliver 旗下的一間餐廳,好奇心和虛榮心的驅使下,我們便舉步前往。菜色的水準絕對是有的,但吸引我的反而是飯後購入的法式可麗露,淡淡的萊姆酒配上外酥內軟的口感讓我好後悔應該多買幾個,果然,大師級的甜點就是不一樣(笑)用餐的過程中,還目睹了小朋友們群聚上烹飪課的場景,看著他們那一股腦的熱情和好奇心,真的好可愛,也期許自己未來在倫敦也能秉持著這樣的心境朝目標邁進。


Moving from one country to another was never easy. But I was extremely grateful for the opportunities and resources that I'm offered. Let me tell you, the amount of nice and friendly people I've met in London is quite insane. Which leads me to reveal this exciting news, that I'll be officially moving out from the Hotel at the end of next week. Yeaaaaah. To be honest, that was the last thing I was expecting on my check list, I was ready for endless viewing of apartments and writing offers. Instead, I'm all settled for about one week after my arrival, and an exciting future ahead of me. Its such a cliche ending, but I just really wanna share my happiness with you all! And thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely rest of the week! 

最後,我想要宣布一件好消息!那就是,我找到房子了!雖然不是夢想的 Notting Hill 區域,不過位於河邊的新開發區域,從大樓望過去的 view 非常好,採光也很足,有管理員一切也顯得安全許多。有點像是台北河濱公園河堤旁的房子,很舒適。一直都知道搬去另一個國家並不是一件簡單的事,所以對於尋找住宿也做足了要一看再看,一申請再申請的準備,所以能夠在一個星期內找到房子是我從來沒想過的。覺得自己很幸運,也很感激,慶幸碰到了熱心的房屋仲介,很積極用心地替我注意房屋的情況。現在一切都辦妥了,終於能夠放心遊玩等開學了!


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