3 Dining Spots in Amsterdam


Now that I've been home for a week. I'm really starting to miss certain things about Amsterdam. As a full-time foodie, I'm most attracted by the food. While I was in Amsterdam, I was really surprised by the amount of beautiful looking dining spots they have. Every place looks so cozy and delicious, I wanted to try every single cute restaurants around the corner, but unfortunately, we were only there for 4 nights. As I've been home cooking for the past few days, one thing I missed the most is to have a really nice meal with best friend Cynthia. We weren't just accompanied by good food, but a few long chats as well. So I am sharing the 3 big and small bites that I'm really missing, and why that it should be part of your list if you're visiting Amsterdam one day. 


1.Yoghurt Barn




I don't know if any of you know this, but I'm probably the hugest yoghurt junkie on the planet. I love yoghurt, I can eat them as breakfast, or as my midnight dessert! So I'm sure you can imagine how happy I am when I came across this cute Yoghurt Bar located near the Albert Cuyp Market. Yoghurt Barn is really cozy and intimate. Its the perfect place if you want to enjoy a healthy and relaxing morning. And I love that I'm able to customise my own taste, there's six yoghurts to choose from, and not to mention the endless toppings on the counter! Or if you want, they also come with the ready-made menu, which was pretty tasty as well! 

 大家愛吃優格嗎?我超愛的!每天早上都會吃,有時候配水果,有時候配蜂蜜,更多時候是搭配著穀片一起吃。這家 Yoghurt Barn 就是專門為我們這些優格愛好者創立的,光是優格就有六種選擇,可以加的料也是多到數不清。可以當健康的早餐之選,下午來碗無負擔的點心也是不錯,我覺得一整天不管什麼時候來都很適合(笑)他們除了可以自己搭配,也有配好的餐單選項,時間足夠的話,我覺得都可以試試看,這樣的餐廳不管是在台灣或是倫敦都很少見吶!

2. The Seafood Bartheseafoodbar_amsterdam



When I searched 'good seafood in Amsterdam' online, the first thing that popped out was The Sea Food Bar. So of course, I have to make it here to enjoy probably the freshest seafood I've had for a long time. We went for the chef's choice of mix grill, and I absolutely loved it! As you can see from the photo above, we went a little crazy on ordering (oops!). I left the restaurant with an explosive stomach, and I had no room for any dessert, which is really rare for a sweet tooth like me! Apart from the portion, everything is so good. I would really recommend this place if you're a seafood lover, you'll definitely enjoy a beautiful seafood feast. The location is pretty good as well, about 10 mins walk from the Museum Square! 

旅遊或是與朋友聚餐,在不方便吃素的情況下我會選擇吃海鮮,這樣也比較不會造成旅伴的不方便或是扁扭(畢竟有些時候就是要大家一起分享幾道菜比較有趣啊!)總之,在出發前網路上就一直介紹這幾家 The Seafood Bar 說一定要吃。首先,以地理位置來說,The Seafood Bar 的地點非常好,就在著名的 Museum Squre 附近(i amsterdam 的標誌就在這裡),走路大約十分鐘,另外再隔一條街就是名店街,比較喜歡購物的人也方便。這裏的海鮮很新鮮,料理方式很簡單,不花俏保留了海鮮的原汁原味,雖然說旁邊都會淋醬,但我覺得不要沾比較好吃!在吃這家餐廳的時候,要特別注意分量,那天我們忘記問前菜的大小,點了擠到,以為份量應該會偏小,結果一不小心,點的菜居然要放到隔壁桌才放得下(汗)撇開份量不說,這家餐廳真的很不錯。

3. De Luwte 



De Luwte is a beautiful restaurant, and if you'd like to have a little fancy during your trip, I will definitely recommend this place. The food here is amazing, and the plating is very pretty as well! We went there for two nights, because I really wanna try more dishes on the menu. And it turns out to be an excellent choice. (I try to avoid doing so while I'm travelling, but this one is an exception!). At first I was a bit annoyed when we're told there's a 45 minutes wait for our table, but now I can definitely see why. Also, they only run for dinner, so if you're thinking of visiting, bare that in mind. :)

 De Luwte 是旅館介紹的,是屬於價格偏高,但料理也相對比較精緻的餐廳。餐單的選項不多,但是我們吃了兩次,也點了不同的主前菜,兩次都好讓人滿意。一般來說,我不太會再出去旅行的時連續兩天去同樣的餐廳,不過 De Luwte 真的很值得。這家餐廳是被歸類在荷蘭式料理,雖然我對於荷蘭料理的特色不太明白,但我覺得純粹以食物的味道來說,是非常好適應的,不會有少見的味道或是某些令人嚇一跳的搭配。假如大家有意願想要去的話,建議要訂位,我們第一次去是在打烊前的一個多小時,結果還是等了四五十分鐘,De Luwte 的人氣真的很炙熱。

So there you have it, my three favourite dining spots in Amsterdam! Let me know if you have any other recommendations, and I will put on my list next time I visit! Have a great week! 



Yoghurt Barn:

+31 20 221 6932

Eerste van der Helstraat, 80, 1072 NZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Seafood Bar:

+31 20 670  8355 

Van Baerlestraat 5, 1071 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Luwte: 

+31 20 625 8548

Leliegracht 26, 1015 DG Amsterdam, Netherlands