Welcome to the New TLG + Holiday Giveaway (End)

How do I write an article about something that is so close to my heart? Something that has taken up most of my time, and of course caused more than one serious headache from time to time. Yes, I have this love-hate relationship with my blog. Its not going to be perfect, but I’ll try.

welcome to the new TLG

When I first set out to create The Looking Glass, I had no plans at all, all I wanted was a place that works like a photo diary. A media place for girls/boys like me, living away from home, collecting memories in a foreign country-who is terrified to know how big the world is, but still kept on exploring anyway. I have always loved cameras, but I had no clue with photography at that point, and nor did I know it would now become my mean of expression. I wanted to know if becoming a photographer can be more than just a dream. I was terrified, I started, and here I am.

Over the past year, I’ve learned so much. I worked hard, despite my crazy schedule (I am still working and studying, after all), and made quite a few mistakes. Even in my mistakes, I become braver than ever. Which is why, when it came to give TLG a face lift, I want to rebrand it to something very near to my passion- Adventure. As you may have notice already, I love bopping from one city to another, I’m always on the go. But I never wanted TLG to become one of those travel websites where all you get is statistics, accurate routes and hotel promotion (frankly, a lot of sites are already doing an amazing job on this). I want the blog to work like everyone’s personal travel scrapbook, somewhere we can all be true to ourselves. My goal for the New TLG is to create a community, engaging different individuals, globe trotters and opinions. 

In many ways, this new look is the TLG I wanted to build in the beginning. It’s here, now. Over the last few days after seeing the scratch site, I’ve been smiling weirdly and excitingly to myself. The real TLG has arrived. Nothing has changed in the inside, though I did cut it in half and add more.

Anyways, Welcome to the New TLG. I hope you will love it as much as I do, or more.  


一年多了,我學到很多,時常忙到想撞牆(我是一個很喜歡把行程排很滿的人 ),當然也犯了幾個錯誤。不過在碰壁的過程中,我發現我比以前勇敢很多,聽起來或許老套,但是都是真的。所以當我開始構思要大規模的改變部落格外觀的時候,我決定大膽的再往前一步,調整了一下 The Looking Glass 的角色,為部落格重新定位 。我熱愛旅行和攝影,到一種很瘋狂的地步,但我不想要這裡成為一般制式化的網站,純粹分享照片、路線、價位、或是飯店和餐廳的資訊,畢竟這些有許多專業的網站已經做得很好了。我希望, The Looking Glass 就像是我們的個人旅遊日記和生活剪貼簿,細心的搜集著一趟旅途下來的點滴和回憶,每間餐廳、景點或是店面,都是我們親自去過,然後感想都是最真誠發自內心的,記錄著生活中的各種驚喜,遇到美好的事物會歡呼,不好的就不好,也無所謂,重要是我們當下的感受。有好有壞,有開心有難過,這就是我要的 The Looking Glass,一個很真實的地方。

以許多層面來說,現在的這個 The Looking Glass 就是我當初心裏期許的模樣。真正的 TLG 終於來了!自從前幾天預先看見最終測試的版本,我就常常對自己傻笑,真的好興奮。是啊,盼了又盼,我和部落格都準備好了。初衷沒變,只是更廣了。

總之,希望你們和我一樣喜歡這個全新的 The Looking Glass,又或著,比我更喜歡。



Special thanks to Lindsay Humes from White Oak Creative. For taking all the time on working on this site, making my dream to reality. I know I’ve said it before, but THANK YOU, YOU'RE AWESOME! 

在這裏由衷感謝我的網站設計師 Lindsay Hulmes – White Oak Creative 感謝你接收我所有囉哩八嗦的電子郵件,從設計一路到架設,花了那麼多時間。我知道我說過很多次了,但真的很感謝!

Holiday Give Away

give away

image source: Studio of Basic Design

Lastly, as a celebration of the new site and holiday season, I’m having this small give away. I know how we all love marbles from our last month's favourites, so I’m giving away these beautiful marble weekly planners!

>>How to Get Them? Its simple, just leave a comment here or on Facebook. And tell me what topic you wish I can write/photograph more about. I will randomly pick two of you (one from the blog, one from Facebook), then send these planners as my Christmas present to you!

The give away ends on 12/13 23:59 (London Time)



只要在部落格或是 Facebook 上(擇一)分享你希望接下來在部落格中看到更多什麼樣的內容,或是希望哪類的文章可以多出刊一些。活動截止後,我會隨機抽取兩位幸運者(部落格一位、臉書一位),並以私訊或電郵的方式聯絡,到時候再提供郵寄地址,我就會把禮物寄過去囉!

截止日期:12/13 23:59( 倫敦時間)

Give away ended